Corrective Exercise

icbcCorrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise is for individuals looking to improve their physical performance, reduce pain and/or discomfort, and rebound from injury or illness. Using an individualized approach, an Oval kinesiologist will work with you to assess your current capabilities and provide you with concrete strategies to enhance movement and improve your physical health.

Our Process

  1. Initial phone consultation
  2. In-person individualized consultation
  3. Movement screen & postural assessment
  4. Corrective exercise to establish mobility, stability & strengthen muscles
  5. Progressive reassessment

cr-21Receiving the best care from the most appropriate practitioner is the first step to improvement. Based on an initial phone consultation, an individualized in-person consultation will be scheduled. Our team will then work with your healthcare team, including your medical doctors and other health providers, to ensure open communication and seamless integration of services. In conjunction with our partners, LifeMARK Sport Medicine (located on the ground level of the Oval), the Richmond Olympic Oval is positioned to help clients of all ages, abilities, and levels of function.

Client education is a major component of the corrective exercise and reconditioning process. As a client, you will receive individualized exercises to complete between sessions and movement strategies to integrate into your daily routine.

Training Options:

Work with a Registered Kinesiologist to address injury or movement dysfunction. Whether it’s back pain, knee problems, or recovering from trauma, we can lead you back to the path of wellness. All Training Options a complimentary Assessment and Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

One session  $85 $95
6 sessions  $498 $558
12 sessions* NEW  $960 $1080

*Packages include an initial consultation,functional movement screen, postural & movement assessment, practical exercise prescription and post-functional movement screen.


Meet the Kinesiologist:

Tim Ong


Tim’s combined experience in the field of active rehabilitation, personal training, and traveling has broadened his ability to conquer challenges and goals for himself and his clients. As a Registered Kinesiologist through the BCAK, Tim will guide you through progressive exercises, postural training, functional movements, and practical techniques outside of the gym to help you get back on track in life. Having trained a wide variety of clients, Tim enjoys and takes pride in helping individuals achieve successful post-injury rehabilitation, improve body-image, enhance athletic performance, and pass the RCMP PARE. No matter your situation, his positive attitude will find a way to inspire you.