TRX Training

What Can TRX® Do For You?

Some people want to dominate the basketball court. Others want to beat their best race time, recover their pre-baby body or run a sub six-minute mile. Whoever you are and whatever you’re training for, TRX® can help you master movement patterns and develop the strength and conditioning you need to reach your goals. With roots in the US Navy SEALs, TRX® offers you the same portable and highly versatile training tools that hundreds of pro athletes and all four branches of the US military use to prepare for sport and combat.

The Next Innovation in Fitness – Seeing is Believing

BeneFIT Specialty Drop-in Classes

Oval members have access to specialty drop-in classes such as TRX, ViPR and Barre for only $3.50/class!

TRX® Training: A unique and effective way to build whole body strength using an innovative suspension training system.  Experience small group training classes that work the core and more!  Suitable for all fitness levels.

TRX Circuit:  A small group suspension training circuit class that may incorporate the use of ViPRs, Kettlebells, Battling Ropes, Sandbags, and more!

To view and download the drop-in fitness schedule including all BeneFIT specialty drop-in classes, click here.