The Richmond Olympic Oval’s High performance programs and services fuel sustainable Canadian sport excellence on the local and internal stage. We build better athletes of all ages by focusing on readiness and critical periods of trainability in youth, by providing opportunities for enhanced life-long performance training options for adults, and through the provision of world-class training, services, facilities and technical coaching for Canada’s top athletes who are at, or are striving for, the podium.

Our approach is collaborative. We integrate with other sport coaches, scientists, medical practitioners and administrators to provide the training, services, facilities and equipment required for each athlete to realize success based on their definition.

The Oval’s greatest impact to Canadian sport success is made through servicing the developmental level athlete in the Train to Train and Train to Compete stages of the Canadian Sport for Life Model.  Our programs and services provide athletes with the physical foundation, performance mindset, technical sport skills and nutritional knowledge necessary to successfully and seamlessly make the jump to National team programs.

Richmond Oval High Performance contributes to Canadian Sport Excellence over the long term. We work with a continuum of high performance athletes starting as young as twelve through to current Olympic medal contenders. It is not unrealistic to think that a future gold medalist at the 2020 Summer Games or 2022 Winter games is currently training in Oval High Performance.

The Oval is uniquely positioned to help make that athlete’s dream a reality.