Adult Performance Training (APT)  | 18 yrs+

The Oval’s Adult Performance Training program consists of small group training sessions for fitness enthusiasts aspiring to take their fitness levels and physical abilities to the next level. The APT program is catered to the adult wishing to train like an athlete, with a high level of intensity, technique and focus.

We train in all aspects of athleticism (i.e. Olympic lifting, Speed/Agility, Primal Movements, Metabolic, etc) integrating exercises designed to improve mobility, develop better core functioning, increase whole body strength, improve movement ability and efficiency, and drastically improve overall conditioning and prevent sport and lifestyle related injuries.

Individual adjustments and/or modifications will be made throughout the workout to ensure each athlete is performing exercises and drills appropriate for their function, ability, and fitness level. A good level of fitness is recommended for the sessions.

The number one objective of the program is in developing technique and kinesthetic balance, but to also challenge the participant to a level that they seldom get pushed to.

Winter 2017 – Phase 1

Jan 3 – Feb 28 (8 weeks)
Tuesday, 11am – 12pm

Winter 2017 – Phase 2

Mar 7 – April 25 (8 weeks)
Tuesday, 11am – 12pm

Spring 2017 – Phase 1

May 2 – June 20 (8 weeks)
Tuesday, 11am – 12pm

 Punch Pass Packages

Drop In Session                $28/session + tax
2 – 8 punches                    $25/session + tax

To purchase sessions for a phase please email or call 778.296.1426.

Sessions for the Adult Performance Training program will be sold in punch passes. This will give participants the flexibility to attend sessions based on their unique schedules and commitments. Participants will no longer be committed to attend the full program duration and will be able to dictate their own commitment to the training program.

Sessions will be sold as punch passes for the phase duration and will expire at the end of the phase. Sessions may not be carried over to the following phase and are non transferable and non-refundable. Additional sessions can be purchased for the phase if all sessions are used up prior to the phase end. Punch passes must be purchased prior to attending any session.