Off Season Strength & Conditioning – Powered by OvalHP S&C Coaches

This program is for dedicated and motivated players & goalies ready to put in the work this summer to reach new levels of strength, conditioning and performance.  The Oval takes a scientific and individualized approach to off season strength and conditioning. The offseason is the time to progressively and purposefully prepare to perform at your best at tryouts and during the season. All sessions are structured, coach supervised and completed in the Oval’s Dedicated High Performance Training Centre.

Oval S&C Coaches approach off season training in a phased   training approach to meet the following objectives:

Help the body and mind recover from last season’s games by addressing any acute or nagging issues, strength imbalances, instabilities and mobility issues through corrective exercises.
Develop a strong stable foundation of movement and athleticism progressing to focused speed and agility training
Develop an enhanced base of strength from which to develop greater power
Energy system development (ESD)
Enhanced focused on recovery and regeneration methods


Oval S&C coaches work with each player to ensure that training sessions complement the demands of summer on-ice activities whether at the Oval or through another on-ice provider. Strength and Conditioning session volume will be prescribed to taper as athletes approach try out dates. It is suggested that on ice activity volume progressively increase as tryouts approach with appropriate rest days scheduled prior to tryouts.

All athletes will complete performance baseline and final testing, will complete goal setting with the Oval’s Sport Psychologist and will complete a consultation with the Oval’s dietitian.

For more information please contact Justine at or 778.296.1421