Experience the Journey of Transformation

Every athlete, every person, experiences a Journey of Transformation in pursuit of their goals. And every journey begins with a dream…

Spark your own dreams as you watch an inspiring film in the ROX Theatre, that will immerse you in the world of up and coming athletes.

Become motivated through Canadian stories as you interact with the History of Sport in Richmond, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) exhibits.

Investigate the origins of the Ancient Games through murals and the alluring medal and torch displays.

And learn about the global Olympic Movement via the True Colours Globe, a computerized interactive exhibit that will allow you to explore information on all the countries that have participated in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Experience the challenge of coordinating mind and body on world-class sport simulators and in skill testing exhibits.

Feel the rush as you fly off of an Olympic ski jump, paddle down a raging white-water kayak course, carve the perfect line in a sit-ski slalom race or zip along at incredible speeds on an Olympic bobsleigh track or Formula 1 race course.

Test your skills and accuracy on interactive hockey and soccer nets. Measure your vertical jump, long jump and reaction time, comparing your results to those of an Olympian. You can even try your hand at broadcasting an Olympic event.

Continue your experience on an assortment of touch screens, touch tables and data lounge that provide extensive information, history and trivia on the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Witness the preparation, mindset and mental state of athletes before their 2010 Olympic event.

Discover the Evolution of Equipment and Training and their effect on athlete results.

And relive those heart-pounding Olympic Events that Shaped History.

Immerse yourself in a full tunnel video experience, walking through a tribute film to the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the Richmond O Zone celebration site that will surely lift your spirits.

Past the tunnel is the Moments in Series exhibit: a collection of the most impressive starts, mid-race moments, and adrenalin inducing finishes in sport history.

View our priceless collection of Olympic torches and medals through the ages.

Share Messages of Hope with athletes on our photo-luminescent wall.

And engage in a light, sound and touch exhibit to play short stories and messages about the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.