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Activity Capacity Updates

December 10

The Oval team proactively made big moves right from the start when we resumed operations on July 2.

Our members and guests returned to a facility that had undergone significant changes to ensure safety.  We pulled all group fitness classes out of the studios, reduced capacities and relocated all classes to the main activity level so each member had a defined, physically distanced space under the Oval’s 24 metre roof.  In our fitness mezzanine, we marked off and removed equipment and significantly reduced capacity so our members had lots of personal space and felt comfortable. Significant changes were also made throughout the facility and we are continuously refining and making improvements to our health and safety protocols.

Beginning Monday, December 14, the Oval will once again take proactive steps in keeping you safe.  These are unprecedented times and the current COVID numbers are a cause for concern. We all must do our part to flatten the curve but where there is the opportunity to do more, we believe we must.

These new steps include providing more physical distancing opportunities by reducing the capacity for some of our drop-in activities. We want to ensure that all members can continue to access the facility so we will closely monitor registration demand and will make small adjustments as required to the duration and frequency of the activities we currently offer. You will see these adjustments as early as this coming Tuesday and Thursday to accommodate fitness centre bookings later into the evening until 10:00pm.

Please continue to do your part by being vigilant in completing your personal health screens, following our one-way entrance and exit pathways, bringing and wearing your mask, washing your hands and respecting personal boundaries.

We are all in this together. Let’s all do more.

The Richmond Olympic Oval Team