This fall join a new league and play all your games at the Richmond Oval. Play with us if you want a place where everyone is accepted no matter your skill level. Play in the NCHL, if you want a place where no one is allowed to fight, games are friendly and competition is even. Play where you can choose your schedule. 

All games start, either 9:15PM or 10:45PM. Registration is now open:


You have a lot of choice in where you get to play hockey, and of course we would like it to be with us. Do it because we are different, we care about how the game is played, we set up rules that weed out the troublemakers as quickly as possible and we do not allow them back in, if they are not ready to play the NCHL way. We know that parity is important to you and no one wants to get blown out every game, so we realign teams often, to make sure we achieve maximum parity in the league. This is not the NHL, so everyone makes the playoffs and has a shot at winning. Most of all, we love hockey and we encourage anyone to take up the game at any level. There is a place for you with us.