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Parking may be busy Thurs, Aug 18 - Sun Aug 21. Please plan ahead and arrive early for booked activities.

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Join us at the Oval

There's always something fun happening at the Oval. Check out our new and upcoming events.

Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

The 2022 Canadian Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics will be hosted from May 19th to 23rd at the Richmond Oval, in British Columbia. The event is being hosted by the British Columbia Rhythmic Sportive […]

Cars and Hoops Charity Festival

Cars and Hoops Charity Festival presented by ASPAC Developments Ltd., is an exciting one day festival suitable for car enthusiasts, basketball lovers, and families of all ages.

Tom’s Warehouse Sale

TOMS Warehouse Sale is Back in Richmond. Huge selection for Womens, Mens, Kids and Babies. Over 40,000 pairs available. Up to 70% Off Classics, Wedges, Sandals, Slip-Ons, Boots. We accept […]


Hoop-Law has emerged as an annual event eagerly anticipated by the Vancouver legal community. This one day basketball tournament is organized by downtown lawyers and UBC Law students and pits […]