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Movie Theatre Rentals

Private Movie Theatre Rentals at the Richmond Olympic Experience

A boutique theatre, custom built to host small groups for sports games, blockbuster flicks and more.

The Oval is pleased to offer members the opportunity to book the Richmond Olympic Experience Theatre for private movie viewings. Host up to 12 family and friends for an exciting few hours of film going fun! Bring your own DVD or select from a long list of pre-selected Hollywood flicks!


Motion Activated D-Box Seats

The Richmond Olympic Experience Theatre features state-of-the-art, motion activated D-Box Seats. The seats are an exciting add-on to any movie going experience and a great way to elevate film viewing to the next level. D-Box seats are only compatible with certain Hollywood blockbusters. Inquire for more details.

COVID-19 Safety Standards

Please ensure the members of your group are all within your social circle as recommended by the BC Provincial Government. All members of your group are expected by to abide the social distancing, sanitization and PPE parameters put in place at the Oval to ensure the safety of members, the general public and staff. The theatre will be sanitized prior to and after use.


Rates vary depending on the size of your group and length of the booking. Contact us today for a custom quote.

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