Nutrition Services


Everything in life is a choice, including the food that goes into our bodies.

Whether you’re looking to increase your energy, figure out those frustrating digestive issues, or increase your marathon time, proper nutrition can help you achieve your goals!

Making successful diet and lifestyle changes involves creating a plan that fits your individual needs. Dietitians are not the food police, but rather experts in providing you with evidence-based, realistic, sustainable recommendations to achieve your nutrition, health, and wellness goals!


Kickstarter Package

  • Initial 45-minute consultation, in-person
  • Customized meal plan
  • Personalized nutritional needs assessment
  • Written summary of recommendations

30 Day Package

  • Initial 45-minute consultation, in-person
  • Two 30-minute follow up sessions
  • Personalized nutritional needs assessment
  • Written summary of recommendations
  • Email correspondence between sessions

90 Day Package

  • Initial 45-minute consultation
  • Three 30-minute follow up sessions
  • Customized meal plan
  • Food journal analysis
  • Personalized nutritional needs assessment
  • Email correspondence between sessions


lifepackageMany extended health care plans partially or fully cover the services of a Registered Dietitian.

Please verify your plan details with your insurance provider. Full payment for packages is due up front, and Individual receipts will be provided after each session with the dietitian.

If your plan does not cover the services of a Registered Dietitian, save your receipt for a non-refundable tax credit. In the province of British Columbia, Registered Dietitians are classified as an “Authorized Medical Practitioner”.

Our Registered Dietitian will work with you 1 on 1 to design a customized nutrition plan tailored to help you achieve your goals. She can answer questions on how different foods affect your body, and will work with you to make realistic, positive changes that fit within your lifestyle.

Getting ready for your first session

What to bring

  • Recent blood work, if required
  • Optional: a recent 3-day food record

Where to meet

  • In the lobby of the Richmond Oval, by the front desk


Meet the Dietitians

Stephanie Dang, BSc, RD is a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia.Stephanie graduated with her dietetics degree from the University of British Columbia with honors. She is currently working as a dietitian at BC Children’s Hospital, and has also joined the Richmond Oval as a sports dietitian. Stephanie is passionate about helping her clients reach their nutrition goals by empowering them to make great food choices, and providing them with evidence-based nutrition information. Whether you are a competitive or recreational athlete, proper nutrition can help you perform at your best!

Angel Luk, BSc, RD is a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of BC and a member of the Dietitians of Canada and SportMedBC after graduating from the University of British Columbia with honors.
Angel is the author of “You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet – The Simplest Guidebook In Performance Nutrition For Every Athlete” due to be published in 2016.
Since joining the Richmond Olympic Oval in 2014, Angel has worked with athletes at the community, provincial, and national level through individual nutrition consultations, small group education sessions and team presentations. While Angel specializes in sport nutrition, she is passionate about supporting every individual to pursue their next level of health and fitness, no matter the starting place.Angel helps clients gain perspective and realize that even the most “impossible” goals can be achieved with dedication, perseverance, and quite frankly, simply doing what you say you will do. Angel is also fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Group seminars / workshops also available.
For more information, contact Chris Walker at or 778.296.1453