Strong, Fit + Feminine

Be Proud, Be Strong, Overcome your Boundaries.

Strong, Fit and Feminine is an intermediate women’s strength training program intended for active women who aspire to be stronger. Delivered in a small group format, SFF provides the opportunity to progress at your own pace while enjoying the camaraderie of a group setting. This class will build on established foundational strength, teach you proper strength lifting techniques and challenge your cardiovascular endurance. Recommendation of Women on Weights or Private training as pre-requisite, not suitable for beginners.

After the 5-week Feminine Group Training Program, I am surprised by the big progress. We do work hard and workouts are really fun with Rose. I am glad that I am on my way to achieve the goal: being fit and strong

~Sophia, Strong, Fit + Feminine Participant

Despite its reputation as a “jock” activity, strength training Is essential for bone health and overall fitness in women. Joining Rose’s class gave me the structure and camaraderie I needed. Rose pushed each of us to achieve our personal best. By the end of the class, I could see that we all enjoyed improvements in strength.” ‎

~Arlene, Strong, Fit + Feminine Participant

Feeling beautiful starts on the inside and being strong and fit feels beautiful, it also doesn’t hurt that I went down a dress size and was able to fit into those old clothes I have been hanging onto!” ‎

~Amy, Strong, Fit + Feminine Participant

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