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Personal Safety & Self Protection

The self-empowerment this program provides comes from developing a personal safety mindset, and learning physical self-defence techniques derived from Krav Maga, one of the world’s most effective self-defence systems.

About the Course

Personal safety and having a sense of security is a priority for everyone.

This seminar is designed with the mindset that anyone regardless of age, size or fitness capacity can learn how to protect themselves and loved ones.

The Instructor

Jennifer Bajus

Jennifer Bajus is a Krav Maga Force, UFAF and FIMA Black Belt and KMF Lead Personal Safety & Self Defense Instructor. Jen is also a Krav Maga Force Training Safety Officer, Krav Maga Force Combat Fitness Instructor, Certified Children’s Survival Instructor, BCRPA Personal Trainer, and a TRX Suspension Trainer. She continues her practice in Krav Maga, Kickboxing, and Boxing. Jen trains and educate people from 7 to 77+ years of age. She is a strong advocator for April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month and offers community service training. Jen also trains with the Women’s Personal Safety Team of the Vancouver Police Department. Education and empowerment is priority in every class and seminar.