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Pilates Basics

Small groups of five participants receive personal attention along with a workout designed to lengthen, strengthen and balance the entire body.

About This Course

Join us for 4 weeks of Pilates classical beginner exercises!

A Pilates foundations class for beginners, people with injuries or movement limitations, and also suitable for prenatal and postpartum clients. This 4-week program will cover all classical beginner exercises while reviewing proper breathing techniques and posture. The perfect place to begin your Pilates journey!

The Instructor

Rebekah Litke

Rebekah has been providing post-injury rehabilitation and personal training services since 2012. Her interest in Pilates was ignited in 2015 when the practice helped improve her chronic lower back pain. In 2018 she sustained an injury in a car accident and turned to Pilates to help her manage her pain and improve her strength. The same year, she commenced her Classical Pilates training with Lori Thompson at Mindful Movement Studio to expand her knowledge in post-rehabilitation modalities to assist her clients overcome pain and injury. Rebekah is passionate about showing how Pilates is accessible to EVERY BODY!