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Strong, Fit & Feminine

An intermediate program for women wanting to establish foundational strength and learn proper lifting techniques.

The Instructor

Rose Van

BCRPA- PT- Rose used to believe that lifting weights would make her look bulky and less feminine. As she grew older she realized that she was looking physically softer and began training with a trainer. Through her journey, her perception of resistance training and becoming physically fit changed completely. Rose wanted to share her knowledge and took on the career to educate others with the same misconception. She became certified in CHEK Exercise, Twist Conditioning and Athlete Performance. Helping people make lifestyle changes, which also affect their family’s lives, is priceless to Rose. She wants to do everything to make her clients’ journey fun, less frustrating and successful. And maybe by the end of their journey, they too will become certified healthy people.


Despite its reputation as a “jock” activity, strength training Is essential for bone health and overall fitness in women. Joining Rose’s class gave me the structure and camaraderie I needed. Rose pushed each of us to achieve our personal best. By the end of the class, I could see that we all enjoyed improvements in strength.