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Women on Weights

A small group training program designed for women new to strength training. Get comfortable with fitness equipment and learn proper training techniques.

The Instructor

Pat Yee

BCRPA- PT, CFP-PTS Pat Yee had always been active with sport and recreation activities, until a motor vehicle accident brought her to a halt. Pat was able to rehabilitate her extensive injuries and experience the incredible benefits of exercise and active rehabilitation. Pat’s health profile dramatically improved; she became stronger, returned to a healthy weight, and no longer had pain. During this process Pat uncovered her desire to help others learn how proper exercise can reduce stress, improve mood, give energy, strength and confidence. She became passionate to share the great, natural benefits of exercise with people! Pat is an experienced personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2004, helping a broad spectrum of clients of varying ages. Pat has worked with cancer survivors, diabetics, hip/knee replacements, stroke survivors, metabolic disorders, heart disease and more. Pat enjoys helping new exercisers, and her specialty is working with active aging clients – people who want to move well, stay strong for daily activities and any recreational pursuits, to enjoy a long, healthy, quality life.