Chris has been coaching with Oval High Performance for almost two years and has made a huge impact on our team in his time here so far!  He can often be found on the basketball courts shooting hoops between team training and private clients, we dare you to challenge him to a little one-on-one pick up game, he’s got some tricks!

Chris currently works with the Men’s National Field Hockey team, UBC Boathouse Rowing Team, APEX and Air Attack Volleyball, Greater Vancouver Canadians and Fusion FC in addition to coaching Oval High Performance programs like Elite Goalies Centre of Excellence, Goalie Development, and the Volleyball Regional Excellence Program.

Tell us about your athletic background:

I was a multi-sport athlete throughout high school. Upon graduating from St. Georges in Vancouver I played varsity Basketball at UBC Okanagan where we competed in 3 National Championships.

How did you get started coaching?

While pursuing my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology I took a special interest in training during off-season preparation and finding ways to minimize my own injuries and maximize performance.

What is your dream team/athlete to coach? 

Having spent my life playing basketball I’ve made that my specialization. My second sport was baseball, which I continue to love playing, watching and coaching baseball players. I get great satisfaction from working with high school and college athletes who wish to continue pursuing their sport beyond their current level.

Coach or mentor you look up to?

The coaches I look up to most are Mike Krzyewski for his ability to be continuously successful while adapting to a constantly changing landscape in college basketball and Phil Jackson for his ability to harness individual desires towards a team goal.

What do you enjoy doing outside of coaching?

Aside from coaching I love being active outside. In the summer you can find me playing pick up basketball at Kits beach camping or playing softball and flag football.

Advice/Tips for Athletes?

More is not always better. Rest and Recovery days off are extremely underrated.



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