Experience and balance are what you get with Jill.  As a strength and conditioning coach, certified yoga instructor, former Judo athlete and current competitive weightlifter, Jill is a continuous learner whose primary goal is to share from her experience and help athletes succeed in their sport.

As of 2018, she has been coaching the Canadian Women’s National Softball Team who are located out of Richmond while they prepare for 2020 Tokyo Games. In addition to her duties with Softball Canada Jill is also working with Oval High Performance programs such as the Volleyball Regional Excellence Program, Athlete Development: Strength program, the Greater Vancouver Canadians and Fusion FC.

Tell us about your athletic background:

I competed in Judo for many years, also played a bit of rugby while Richmond still had their girls team around. Now I’m weightlifting competitively and totally enjoying challenges of the sport.

How did you get started coaching?

My trainer way back when- Kevin Hirose, got me started in strength and conditioning, and I hated it, at first! I hated squatting, hated deadlifting. I had always been active, but never understood the reasoning behind certain movements and why they were important, and why I needed to be doing them. If I had known the things that Kev taught me back when I was competing I would have been a completely different athlete. Now, I want to be able to share what I’ve learned (and am still learning) and help athletes excel in their sport.

What is your dream team/athlete to coach? 

A football team. Any.

Coach or mentor you look up to?

Can’t say that I have just one but to name a few: Eric Cressey, Tony Bonvechio, Quinn Henoch, Mike Boyle.

What do you enjoy doing outside of coaching?

Weightlifting and playing Taiko!

Advice/Tips for Athletes?

Make your movements honest. Own it. If you can’t, find out why and fix it.


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