Kelvin has been a part of the OvalHP team for far longer than most people realize, having started off as the first male athlete to graduate from the Richmond Volleyball Centre of Excellence Program (now the Regional Excellence Program) at the Richmond Oval. Kelvin’s rapport with athletes and knowledge of volleyball makes him an invaluable member of the OvalHP Team, keep reading to find out how he started off coaching, his ideal athlete to coach and who he looks up to as a coach.

Tell us about your athletic background

I’ve been a volleyball athlete since I was 11 years old. I played 5 years of club volleyball at Apex Volleyball club in Vancouver and at 17 I was selected to play libero and competed for Team BC at Western Championships.

In my final year of high school, I joined the Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence (now the Regional Excellence Program) at the Richmond Oval. I was the first male athlete to graduate from the Richmond centre of excellence in 2012. Now, I’m back at the Oval helping athletes pursue and achieve their goals.

How did you get started coaching?

I started coaching when I was 14, helping an old coach of mine from my elementary school. I really used coaching to keep playing during my free time and hoped the younger athletes picked something up while I was there.

I officially became a certified coach after finishing high school in 2012. I really enjoyed working with children and youth and the best way I knew how to interact with them was through volleyball. I want to connect with my athletes and help grow them into good people after their sport careers. So, I started at Magee Secondary School coaching the senior girls team back in 2012. Now in 2018, I’ve coached 25 teams of males and females and I really hope I’ve made a positive impact on them and continue to impact my new teams.

What is your dream team/athlete to coach? 

My dream athlete to coach would be someone who is motivated, gritty, coachable and most importantly be an absolute beauty. I’d like my athletes to be motivated to learn, work hard,  be first in the gym and the last one out. I want athletes to demonstrate grit and have an uncompromising pursuit of their goals while persistently learning and pushing themselves to get better. Athletes need to be coachable, open to feedback and willing to try new things.

Coach or mentor you look up to?

I look up to most of the volleyball coaches I know, since they are usually taller than me. Every coach has aspects I can look up to and learn from to apply in my coaching.

What do you enjoy doing outside of coaching?

Honestly, I don’t leave much free time outside of volleyball. When I do have time, I usually hang out and play volleyball with friends, binge watch a Netflix series or just relax with some music on.

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