The Oval’s activity level boasts over 150,000 sq ft of activity and sport space!

Ice Zone

Two Olympic-sized ice rinks with an adaptive board system will make it possible to transform the ice into multiple configurations including: international or North American hockey, figure skating, short track speed skating, sledge hockey or a “Big Ice Concept.” The Big Ice will facilitate hosting community skating events as well as skill development programs aimed at making hockey players, figure skaters and short trackers better skaters.

Court Zone

Six hardwood sport courts plus two Pulastic courts allow for numerous court sports such as basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, badminton, handball, floorball and more.

Track Zone

Featuring a 200m training track for walking, jogging or sprint activities, this area also contains a multi-sport composite court area in the middle of the track for enhanced sport and event programming flexibility.

Charging down the north bay windows is a 110m spike-resistant sprint lane, a one-of-a-kind indoor training element found nowhere else in Canada.

Climbing Wall

The newest addition to the Oval’s activity level is the 44 foot climbing wall. The new wall features three main sections: a 22′ beginner’s wall, a 33′ intermediate wall and a 44′ overhanging corner section. The wall, which features a mix of vertical, overhanging and simulated rock surfaces can accommodate over 45 different routes, suited to different skill levels and can be set up for top rope, lead climbing and some bouldering.