High Performance Training Centre

The Oval’s dedicated High Performance Training Centre is unique in Canada. The Centre includes 8 Olympic cages with lifting platforms, bumper plates, 33 Olympic bars, competition grade kettle bells, push sleds, and many more tools to train athletes of all ages and abilities. The new training center is built to maximize space for movement and is equipped to support the training needs of all athletes.

The centre can accommodate large groups and can be booked for training, testing, events and educational courses.


Richmond Oval Facility

The Oval’s 512, 000 sq ft facility includes 150,000 sq ft of activity and sport space, two Olympic sized ice rinks, six hardwood sport courts, two Pulastic® courts allowing for numerous court sports, a 200m track with a multi-sport composite court area and a 110m spike resistant sprint lane.

Our Approach

High performance training is approached on an athlete by athlete, team by team basis. We offer individual, small group, and team training options to accommodate the needs and budgets of our clients.

We have built out our team and services in line with the athlete centred Integrated Support Team (IST) model used to maximize the performance of Canada’s top athletes. In conjunction with our tenants and sport partners, the Oval’s IST services includes strength and conditioning, sport medical, performance testing, sport technology, and technical skill coaching. The Oval can comprise an athlete’s entire IST or can work with an athlete’s existing IST.

The Oval is a GymWorks™ training site and encourages Canadian developmental and elite athletes to make the Oval their training home.

For more information, or to discuss your training, please call 604-345-6681 or e-mail Andrew Clark, Manager of Fitness, High Performance and Centre of Excellence at aclark@richmondoval.ca