High Performance at the Richmond Olympic Oval


It is truly hard to adequately convey the High Performance activities happening on a daily basis at Richmond Olympic Oval.

Community through to Olympic and Paralympic athletes complete technical training, strength and conditioning, mental performance and nutrition sessions, performance testing and analysis, attend sport medical appointments and complete high school courses through our integrated school model.  At any one time athletes are on court, on ice, in the gym, in the clinic, in the athlete lounge or in a classroom environment.  Everyday athletes experience PRs, firsts, failure, and wins. They laugh, struggle and unite to form the Oval HP community.

What is #Inside OvalHP?

#InsideOvalHP is a series of videos, informative blog posts and photos designed to show a typical day in the Oval’s High Performance operations. We will feature team and individual athletes training sessions as well as our integrated technical programs.

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"Inside: Enhancing performance in life, through sport"