Program Design Packages

Oval High Performance takes an individualized approach to strength and conditioning training. We offer both hands-on coach led training sessions as well as program design packages to best meet the needs and budgets of our athletes. Program design packages  are great for athletes who have already worked with an S&C coach to develop the required movement proficiency and training knowledge required to successfully and independently complete training session.

The Oval’s High Performance Program Design Package includes 2-6 day a week periodized training programs uniquely written to maximize performance. This programming  takes into consideration current and desired performance levels,  goals and personal and sport schedules. An Oval S&C coach will ensure you peak at the right time and avoid the common pitfall of over-training by designing a program that works in conjunction with your sport and life demands.

Wondering if the program design package is right for you?

The program design packages are recommended for people in some of the following scenarios but not limited to:

  • People who require flexibility with their busy schedule
  • People who travel frequently due to their sport or work
  • People who live abroad or not within convenient travel time to the Richmond Oval
  • People who have to plan their training within an budget

Program Design Intro Package 1 – $340 + tax

  • Full Assessment
  • 2 hands-on Training sessions
  • 2 days a week program for 4 weeks

Program Design Intro Package 2 – $480 + tax

  • Full Assessment
  • 3 hands-on Training sessions
  • 3 days a week program for 4 weeks

Additional packages are available.

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Yearly Training Plan (YTP) Design Package

The YTP is an annual planning tool used by coaches and athletes to map out an entire year of training. Using sound scientific principles, the YTP enables athletes to efficiently schedule their training, competition and rest to maximize their performance during critical times of the year.

Working in collaboration with the athlete, an Oval High Performance Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach will create an individualized and periodized plan to ensure focused and purposeful training phases. For multi-sport athletes, an Oval S&C coach will help navigate the complex training expectations of different sports by creating one set schedule that balances training and recovery so as to avoid over-training while peaking multiple times throughout the year.

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