These programs are taught by ACMG certified climbing coaches (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) and follow the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) of Climbing Escalade Canada. Please read course descriptions for more information.

Spring 2022 High Performance Sport Climbing Program

This program corresponds to Stage 4 (Train to Train) of the Climbing Canada LTAD. Athletes aged 11-16yrs will develop their climbing and training repertoire with emphasis placed on building strength, power, and agility. Oval Climbing Team cost is included and participation in local climbing competitions is strongly encouraged.

April 4 – June 24

M/W/FHigh Performance Sport Climbing (11 – 16yrs)Apr 2 – Jun 188:00AM – 11:00AM$250.00Register

Spring 2022 Intermediate Sport Climbing Program Level 2

This program corresponds to Stage 4 (Train to Train) of the Climbing Canada LTAD and includes one hour per week in our High Performance center. Athletes aged 11-16yrs will develop their climbing skills through an individualized approach. Muscular strength and endurance will be increased through specific training, and technique will be refined through practice and drills.

April 5 – June 23

Tues/ThurIntermediate Sport Climbing (11 – 16yrs)Apr 5 – Jun 234:00pm – 6:00pm$552.00Register

High Performance Speed Climbing

Speed Climbing is one of the new and exciting Olympic Sports. The format is a Head to Head race where the athletes appear to fly up the wall! Athletes in The High Performance Speed Climbing will learn, train and compete in the sport of Speed Climbing. No previous climbing experience is required. There will be two climbing sessions and two strength training sessions per week. Athletes must be at least 13 years old to join the program. For questions, please email head coach Keith Nelson, knelson@richmondoval.ca

April 4 – June 23

M/Tu/W/ThHP Speed Climbing (13-17yrs)Apr 4 – Jun 234:30pm – 6:00pm & 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Spring 2022 Oval Team Climbing Program

2022 Oval Team Climbing Program

All athletes on the Oval Climbing Team unite for practice together once per week for 3 hours, in addition to any programs the athletes are registered in. In accordance with the Climbing Canada LTAD, practices will focus on: Mental and Tactical considerations for competitions, Social and Emotional elements of being a good teammate, warm-ups, route reading, rest/recovery, mock competitions, and more.

April 2 – June 18

SatOval Team ClimbingApr 2 – Jun 18
8:00am – 11:00am$250.00Register

Oval Team Provincials Prep

Oval Team Training for Provincials. This program is only open to climbers that are intending to register for SCBC 2022 provincial championships. Email Head Coach Keith Nelson knelson@richmondoval.ca for more info.

March 14 – April 1

M/W/FOval Team Provincials PrepMar 14 – Apr 14:00pm – 6:00pm

For more information, please contact Head Coach, Keith Nelson by email or Sport Climbing Programmer, Thomas Lauer by phone at (604) 313-0448 or email.