Our Goals

  • develop athletes with the physical foundation and technical sport skills to succeed in their chosen sport
  • provide the tools to foster a performance mindset and nutritional knowledge required to achieve at their highest potential

A Long Term, Collaborative Approach to training and
Long Term Athlete Development

Oval HP takes a long term approach to athlete development knowing that the preparation for most athletes begins 5-8 years out from an Olympic games.  Our vision and approach to servicing developing and the next generation of athletes is shared by the national sport organizations, Canadian Sport Institutes and Own the Podium.

The Oval’s approach to programming is based on a desire to make an Oval trained and serviced athlete’s graduation to a national team program seamless. To achieve this, Oval High Performance offers to local, provincial and national team athletes a suite of programs and services commonly only available to elite Canadian athletes and teams.  The Oval continuously works to create the optimal Daily Training Environment (DTE) for all athletes. This includes the integration of technical coaching, sport science, sport medicine, analysis, recovery, equipment and facilities.

Integrated Services

Our approach is collaborative. We collaborate with provincial and national sport organization to help them meet their high performance objectives. We integrate with other sport coaches, scientists, medical practitioners and administrators to provide the training, services, facilities and equipment required for performance success.

The interdisciplinary nature of high performance programming is well understood at the Oval. Oval High Performance, LifeMark Sport Medicine and the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific are well positioned to provide pro-active healthcare and an individualized performance strategy for every athlete to achieve their potential. This combination and integration is unique in Canada and positions the Oval to make a significant impact in sport performance.