Providing the resources for teams to build their own High Performance Program. The Oval’s bundling program is designed to help teams integrate additional services to their on-ice session(s) in line with Hockey Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model.

Build Your own HP Program Combo. Available Services include:

• Physical literacy and fundamental movement skill sessions
• Nutrition – sport and healthy lifestyle (for parents and players)
• Sport Psychology
• Specialized On-Ice Skill Development Coaching Sessions (Mentoring Opportunity for Coaches)
• Specialized On-ice Goalie Training (Mentoring Opportunity for Coaches)
• Power Skating and Speed Skating
• Team Athleticism Sessions

Teams bundling ice time and services will receive a discount on the total price.

Bundled sessions are strategically scheduled directly before or after ice-sessions to help with an athlete and parent’s busy schedule.

Bundling Example:

Strength & Conditioning Session – 5PM – 6PM
Transition Time – 6:00PM – 6:30PM
On-Ice Session – 6:30PM – 7:30PM