High Performance Hockey camps at the Richmond Oval targets the rep level player looking to develop their individual on ice skills in a low coach to athlete environment. Off-ice strength and conditioning sessions complement on-ice activities, helping to physically prepare all players for the upcoming season while providing foundational training knowledge required to safely and progressive continue to train individually. Mental performance, nutrition, recovery and regeneration,  speed work and performance testing education is included in Oval camps to uniquely and progressively prepare athletes to compete at the provincial, college and national level.

On Ice Skater Sessions – Delivered by Leslie Global Sports Team

On-ice sessions are designed to promote the development and refinement of hockey specific technical skills. Skating instruction focuses on stride technique and mechanics, agility and quickness, starts, acceleration, transitions and deceleration. All camps include shooting and stick handling instruction with added attention to tactical game strategy proficiency and decision making abilities. On ice skater sessions only apply to High Performance Skater Camps.

2018 Summer Camp Coaches 

Nate Leslie – Director of Leslie Global Sports, West Coast Hockey Prep Camp, and Oval High Performance Head Coach
Jan Bylesjo – Swedish skills coach, Hungarian National Team Development Program
Nate Flemming- Former UBC and European Pro
Neil Manning*  – Pro defenseman in Italy, multiple record holder Vancouver Giants, UBC Alumni

*availability will depend on professional contract


On Ice Goaltender Sessions – Delivered by Elite Goalies Ltd Team

Goaltenders participate in sessions designed to develop and refine goalie specific on-ice technical skills and position specific strategies. Sessions focus on goalie specific movement, positional stance, angles, play re
ading, save technique and rebound control. 1:4 coach-goalie ratio. On ice goaltender sessions only apply to High Performance Goalie Camps.

Strength & Conditioning Sessions – Delivered by Oval’s High Performance Team

Dryland training will take place in the Oval’s dedicated High Performance Centre. Sessions will correlate to competition schedule and hockey season.  Players will develop a physical foundation that will best equip each goalie to progressively handle training for greater mobility, flexibility, strength, power, and durability. Additional emphasis is placed on corrective exercises, and recovery and regeneration strategies. Oval S&C coaches work with each player to ensure that training sessions complement on-ice activities.

Athleticism Sessions & Integrated Services – Delivered by the High Performance Team

Sessions will vary each week but will include speed, agility and quickness training, yoga, spin, recovery and regeneration sessions, stick handling, climbing, futsul, and floorball. Select weeks will also include sport nutrition and sport psychology seminars open to players and parents.

Daily Camp Components:

2 On-ice skill development sessions
1 Strength and  Conditioning session
1 Athleticism session


Summer 2018

  Dates Day Time Price # of Days Registration Link
PeeWee Aug 13 – 17 Mon-Fri 8:00AM – 2:30PM Skater $515 + tax
Goalie* $325 +tax
5 Register
Atom Aug 13 – 17 Mon-Fri 9:15AM – 3:45PM Skater $515 + tax
Goalie* $325 +tax
5 Register
Aug 27 –30 Mon-Thur 8:00AM – 2:45PM $572 + tax 4 Register

*no on-ice goalie specific instruction but goalies will be integrated into on-ice lesson plan.

Bantam & Midget players, please visit our Off Season Strength & Conditioning Hockey Program for more training options.