The High-Performance Speed Skating Program is designed to create a fun and focused training environment for Train to Train (T2T) and Learn to Compete (L2C) speed skaters between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. Training will focus on building and optimizing aerobic capacity, racing strategy/tactic and other sport specific skills. Under the direction of Speed Skating Canada’s LTAPD model , our goal is to create a program that is developmentally appropriate for T2T and L2C age and physical ability.


Spring/Summer 2019 Program Details

2-3 Ice sessions /week

1-2 Dryland and conditioning sessions

1-2 Cycling sessions (outdoors or Oval RIDE studio)

2 weight room sessions per week with an HP certified strength and conditioning coach

Access to our Integrated Support Team (sport psychology and sport nutrition)

May/June Sample Schedule :

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday** Sunday
60- 90min Strength & Conditioning 


90 min Ice Session 1.5hr to 2 hrs Dryland + Cycling 


90 min Ice Session 


Strength & Conditioning Dryland + Cycling* 

1.5hr- 2hr


July/August Sample Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday** Sunday
Ice Session or Dryland* 



Strength & Conditioning 60-90min Ice Session 90min 


Strength & Conditioning 60-90min or Cycling* Ice session 90min Dryland + Cycling* 

1.5hr- 2hr


*Activity may vary on this day depending on training meso cycle. Examples of activities may include yoga, cycling, dryland, seminars, etc

**Depending on meso cycle, there will be a few rest/recovery Saturdays


Spring/Summer Costs:

Full-time Spring/Summer Program : $1,925.00

Please contact Nicole Garrido  for registration options at ngarrido@richmondoval.ca or by phone at (604) 809-1668.

Discounts available for multiple registrations in Speed Skate Performance Programs and Camps- please contact Nicole Garrido directly: email or phone 604.809.1668