5 Common Misconceptions about the Richmond Virtual School Program (RVS)

1. It’s only open to Richmond students in School District 38

While the name “Richmond Virtual School” may seem misleading, high school students outside of Richmond School District 38 can register for the program and for courses provided they are not enrolled in the same course at their home-base school.

2. Student-athletes already have complex and difficult schedules to manage and adding one more thing to their schedule won’t make things easier

People assume that RVS requires registered student-athletes to attend the Oval early in the morning and for additional sessions.  This might be one of the biggest misconceptions since RVS actually allows student-athletes more flexibility and control over their schedules.

Traditional schools only run a certain number of blocks of the same course each semester or year, making school schedules tricky to navigate around training schedules. RVS allows students who are participating in a program or team training at the Oval to earn a portion of their credits for the hours that they are already at the Oval.  The rest of the course requires some online coursework and check ins with the RVS teacher but the benefit is the opportunity to take a spare block where they might normally be in class. Spare blocks are great for athletes who may want to use that time for extra training or recovery, and/or on other schoolwork.

3.It costs extra to register for RVS

Another misunderstanding about RVS is that it costs extra to register for the online course work. For athletes who are already registered in one of our programs or is on a team that trains with OvalHP, it is completely free to register.  Some of the programs and teams that qualify include:

4.Student-athletes lose the social benefits of being in class

In reality, it allows student-athletes to connect and network outside of their usual circles.  Being involved in an OvalHP program and RVS, student-athletes are exposed to others that are equally as motivated and have similar athletic and educational goals.

5.Registration is complicated

Students in Richmond School District 38 can register easily online at https://rvs.sd38.bc.ca/rvs-courses/registration .

Students outside of Richmond district 38 should also register online and will also have to drop-off supporting documents to the RVS office to complete registration.

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