The Oval’s team of certified and passionate Strength and Conditioning coaches design and implement private training programs tailored to athletes’ capacities and goals. We are proud to offer private sessions to either compliment a group training program or for 1 on 1 individualized training.

Whether you’re looking to refine your skills, update your program or simply looking for a private setting for your training sessions, the Oval’s High Performance team will take your performance to the next level.  The number of sessions and duration of each session is unique to the needs of each individual. Every athletes’ training needs are unique and so is our approach to private and small group training.

Every athletes’ training needs are unique and so is our approach to private and small group training:

  • Introductions to safe and sustainable weight training programs
  • Modifications to pre-existing strength programs to accommodate for injuries/rehab
  • Modifications to pre-existing strength programs to improve technical performance
  • Fine tuning exercise and movement technique

General Guidelines and Conditions of Service: Fees, Cancellation and Rebooking

New Athletes/Clients qualify for one (1) 45 minute compliementary assesment. If a second assessment is required after an injury or by request, a single session private training fee of $92+ tax will apply.
All private training fees/packages are expected to be paid in full by the end of the first paid session. A 20 session package rate may be secured with a 50% deposit paid by the end of the first session with the remaining 50% being charged to a credit card on file after 10 sessions are completed.
Confirming your session: email confirmation to come from the coach with date, time and location to meet. Payment must be made by the end of the first session to confirm future sessions.
Rebooking a previously confirmed session: Written (email or text) notice is required a minimum of 24 hours prior to a confirmed session to rebook at a different time with no penalty. Notice given within 24 hours may result in the loss of that session but is up to the coaches discretion. No notice/no show for a previously confirmed session is subject to the regular training session fee.
Rebooking or cancelling due to illness/injury: if illness or injury prevents one from attending a training session please be prepared to offer a doctors note so we can accommodate and not charge for confirmed sessions missed.
Refunds on sessions not used: All training packages have a one year expiry from date of purchase. Refunds for training packages are provided for those who are no longer cleared to train due to illness or injury with a doctors note.