Does your team have the competitive edge it takes to win?

The Oval High Performance strength and conditioning team and integrated service providers can help take your team from good to great.

Built for your team, with your team.

Option 1:  Strength and Conditioning Sessions

Team training sessions focus on the development of greater strength, power, coordination, speed and energy system development. Oval HP strength and conditioning coaches focus on managing the physical demands placed on players through implementation of recovery and regeneration strategies and corrective exercises to prevent injuries.  Oval coaches work to significantly boost the level of performance of each athlete while providing coaches with a full roster of healthy competition ready players.

Option 2: Strength and Conditioning Sessions + Integrated Performance Services

Team training session will incorporate strength and conditioning sessions as outlined in Option 1 with activities designed to build greater overall athleticism, promote teamwork, and develop movement and technical sport skills. Weekly training sessions will be scheduled to include activities such as sport nutrition and psychology seminars, rock climbing, track based speed training sessions, and yoga. Integrated sessions deliver performance results in an engaging manner while providing the necessary balance for younger players to stay engaged and have fun. By integrating the performance services and activities it will align your team’s training program with the Canadian Sport for Life LTAD model.


We work with athletes, managers and coaches to develop a training plan and schedule that works with your available budget. The process begins with an email and phone call to discuss your team goals and training needs.


Training Frequency: 1- 3 per week
Cost: $230/session/ team (up to 18 athletes)