Knowing the demands placed on student athletes, the Oval High Performance team has partnered with the Richmond Virtual School and the Richmond School District to provide athletes the opportunity to earn high school credits for their training completed at the Oval.

FALL 2021

Richmond Virtual School Office: Palmer Secondary, Room 104 – 8160 St. Albans Road.

The Oval’s High Performance Integrated School Model  is open to those athletes in and out of district, for registration information please contact:
Ashley Miller, High Performance Sports Program Manager -604.837.1441

Course Options

The following online courses are recommended to athletes in the High Performance Integrated School Model:

Physical Education (10-12)Strength and Conditioning (10-12)
Planning (10-12)Peer Coaching/Tutoring/Leadership
Choice of Social Studies or EnglishSKY Program- Guided Studies

The goal of the Oval’s High Performance Integrated School Model is to move afternoon and evening training sessions to occur during school daytime hours. The model frees up time during normal school hours, time that can now be spent training for their sport, completing homework, resting and/or spending time with family. The model is designed to help provide greater balance in an athlete’s day.  Academic credits are obtained through the following activities:


• Sport Specific Training Sessions
• Competition Hours
• Integrated Service Sessions – Nutrition, Sport Psychology, yoga
• Online Course Work


Athletes will complete their technical training and strength and conditioning at the Oval. Training times will depend on the athlete’s team schedule or the registered program they are enrolled in.  Athletes will then be eligible to register in up to 4 online courses through the Richmond Virtual School. These courses will provide a total of 16 credits.  Athletes will complete online course assignments and receive educational support from a Richmond school teacher in a student drop in classroom. Classroom sessions will run from 9:00am-10:30am, Monday through Thursday, from September to June. Classroom sessions are open to those athletes who have morning or afternoon Oval training times. After completion of their classroom session and depending on their school calendar, athletes will either head back to their home school for afternoon classes or have the remainder of the day off to rest, refuel, train, meet with teachers and study.