Performance testing and screening establishes baseline performance levels and identifies functional limitations and asymmetries which adversely affect training quality and potential results.

The Oval offers the following services:

• Athletic Performance Testing
• Anthropometric Measurements
• Functional Movement Screens (FMS)
• Postural Assessments and Corrective Exercise Prescription

Athletic Performance Testing

Athletes at the top of their game know that higher levels of athletic performance are only achieved with a training plan and careful testing of progress towards their goals. Each time athletes arrive at a training session, they execute a training plan designed to progress them physically and mentally. Are you progressing every day?

All individuals with a health, athletic or performance goal should look to testing as a way to understand their bodies and how their training plan is (or is not!) progressing them towards their desired performance level.

Benefits of Testing The Testing Game Plan
• Measure current state and performance improvement
• Predict future performance
• Indicate weaknesses
• Assess the success of a training program
• Placement of athletes in appropriate training groups or on teams
• Motivate the athlete
1. Meet with an Oval HP Coach to discuss your goals and to best define the specific qualities
(i.e. body composition, reaction time, speed, endurance) that are important for you to be
able to improve your performance.
2. Test these qualities.
3. Assess your current training program towards achieving your desired performance level and goals.
4. Plan, program and train smarter.
5. Repeat testing in 6-8 weeks.

To discuss your training needs, please contact Ashley Miller, High Performance Sports Program Manager -604.837.1441