The Richmond Oval has significant experience working with sport organizations to develop and deliver high performance training camps, including camps for combat, field, court, lifting and ice sports. Prior to the camp, our staff consult closely with the sport organization to identify how we can best complement the organization and technical coach’s vision. This ensures we provide services that are fully-customized and in line with training and competition plans. Working together to develop the camp’s framework enables us to achieve the organization’s objectives and work within their budgets.

While every camp is unique, most camps include the following components:

Practical Sessions

Typically delivered by the organization’s technical coaches in the Richmond Oval or at neighbouring venues such as Minoru Park Stadium.

High Performance Sessions

Conducted by the Oval’s High Performance coaches, sessions can include but are not limited to functional movement screens, exercise correction, strength and conditioning, movement training, injury prevention, and recovery & regeneration. Athletes and coaches learn skills and tools they can implement in their regular training regime.

Educational Sessions

Delivered by the Richmond Oval’s sport consultants and coordinated in advance so presentations are customized to meet the specific requirements of the group.

Athleticism / Team Building Sessions

Take advantage of the myriad of cross training opportunities available at the Oval including
rock climbing, yoga, indoor cycling, court sports, indoor rowing and more. In 2015, the Oval delivered training camps and
clinics for BC Wheelchair Sports (athletics and Wheelchair Rugby), BC Hockey, Squash BC, BC Speed Skating Association and Wheelchair
Basketball BC. Technical sessions were led by the Provincial head coach of the sports with the Oval delivering supporting education and high performance services in line with the PSO’s vision. Performance testing and functional assessments, concussion baseline testing, strength and conditioning, sport nutrition, sport psychology and team building activities are examples of high performance sessions delivered by Oval HP during the camps. For training camps that involves athletes travelling from out of town, we are happy to work with our partners at the Richmond Sport Hosting Office to help arrange accommodation, transportation, catering and logistics.

“Our journey to the gold medal started in a world class facility with a tremendous camp at the Richmond Olympic Oval. I really appreciate the way their staff was willing to do whatever we asked to make our camp run successfully…I could not have asked for a better facility for our prestage camp. And if I were to do this again I know who I would contact first.”
Mitch Pinsky, Director of Operations,
U16 Team BC, BC Hockey