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The Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence (VCCE) at the Richmond Olympic Oval exists to provide top athletes with holistic training in a world class environment, in order to develop athletes at each level, with the best eventually representing Canada.

Who We Are:

The VCCE is an initiative developed through several partnerships including Own the Podium, Provincial Volleyball Associations, College and University Programs (CIS/CCAA), School Districts and High Performance venues such as the Richmond Olympic Oval. We are the flagship VCCE, developing Provincial and National Team athletes since 2011.

Who You Are:

You are a High Performance athlete in grades 8-12, who believes that
success is the result of hard work, determination and focused practice. You are willing to sacrifice your time, push through obstacles and go the extra mile to achieve your goals. You know that the weight room is equally as important to your success as what you do on the volleyball court, and you are willing to extend your comfort zone to see results.

What We Do:

  • Holistic coaching approach to ensure the best technical, tactical and physical training
  • Professional coaches running skill based, small group training sessions for either 2 or 3 times per week
  • Individualized annual training, competition and recovery plan structured by the Head Coach and the Strength and Conditioning Team.
  • Comprehensive physical testing including Functional Movement Systems Tests, Concussion Baseline Testing, and regular physical testing that includes agility, jump, strength and power.
  • 2 hours per week of individualized weight training in our High Performance Gym Facility, with our strength and conditioning coaches
  • Supplemental activities such as, yoga, sports psychology, nutrition, and rowing
  • Position specific development
  • Video analysis for skill development
  • Player development evaluations assisting athletes to continue to strive for their personal excellence
  • Biannual Education Nights aimed at increasing you and your parents’ knowledge on key topics such as Post-Secondary Volleyball or Nutrition for the Volleyball Athlete

For more information on training schedules and how to register click here for girls or boys!

High Performance Integrated School Model:Capture

Knowing the demands placed on student athletes, the Oval High Performance team has partnered with the Richmond Virtual School and the Richmond School District to provide athletes the opportunity to earn high school credits for their training completed at the Oval.  The goal of the High Performance School Credit Program is to move afternoon and evening training sessions to occur during school daytime hours. The program frees up time during normal school hours, time that can now be spent training for their sport, completing homework, resting and/or spending time with family. The program is designed to help provide greater balance in an athlete’s day.

Academic credits are obtained through the following activities:
• Sport Specific Training Sessions
• Competition Hours
• Integrated Service Sessions – Nutrition, Sport Psychology, yoga
• Online Course Work

VCCE Athletes are eligible to register in up to 4 online courses through the Richmond Virtual School. These courses will provide a total of 16 credits. Click here for more information.


Scott Bonner, General Manager Vancouver Giants
“Being a person that works in high level sports, I can honestly say that the ovals high performance volleyball program is gold standard. The instructors are excellent and extremely fair and knowledgeable with the athletes. My daughter improved immensely and more importantly she really enjoyed it. I highly recommend the program to families that want to help their kid’s progress in the sport in a competitive yet fun environment”

Agnes Finan, Mother of 2 Volleyball Centre of Excellence athletes
“My two daughters have been “Oval trained” for the last three years. They started by taking clinics and transitioned into the Daytime Program. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Oval program has been an essential part of their development as volleyball players. 

While school and club volleyball helped each girl develop their skills within a team context, the Oval coaches were able to focus on individual skills.  Small adjustments in technique resulted in profound improvements on the court.  

The Oval coaches were also flexible in accommodating the girls’ school schedule.  Both my daughters were highly motivated to wake up on those dark, bleak winter mornings because they understood that, with each Oval session, they were achieving so much.  

My older daughter will be playing on the UBC varsity team next Fall. She and her sister have been privileged to compete at the BC Summer Games, have been on provincial championship (or podium) club teams and played on Team BC . Their success can be directly attributed to the coaching they have received at the Oval.  

Am I a fan of the program?  Oh, yeah.”

Siobhan Finan, Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence Athlete Alumni & UBC Thunderbird, class of 2022
“I have been a part of the Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence at the Richmond Olympic Oval for the past 3 years, and it has helped me achieve goal after goal, including Team BC and being recruited to the University of British Columbia. Its exceptional facility, coaching and strength training have played a major role in shaping me into the athlete I am today. If I am ever lucky enough to achieve my dream of playing for Team Canada, I will owe much of my success to the fantastic program at the Richmond Olympic Oval.”


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