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    Why are there more than 50 people allowed at the Oval at one time?

    In order to resume operations, the ROO has developed and implemented a comprehensive safety plan as per Worksafe BC regulations and guidelines. The Oval’s facility is expansive and physical distancing can be successfully achieved with over 50 patrons within the building at one time. Most activities have been moved to the 18,580 square metre activity level featuring 24 metre ceilings and a powerful HVAC system that continuously brings in outside air, you can be assured of excellent air quality. The Oval is also equipped with a superior air filtration system with a MERV-14 rating, synonymous with high-end commercial buildings and hospital settings.

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    What new protocols can I expect when visiting the Oval?

    The Oval is working to meet and exceed health and safety protocols in order to keep our members and staff healthy. The Oval has modified its programs and services in order to achieve physical distancing, reduce capacity limits and has increase cleaning of high touch points. We require all guests complete a health questionnaire during the registration process for each booking.

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    Why are these new protocols put in place?

    The health and safety of our visitors, staff and community is of the upmost importance. In order to adhere to the guidelines put forward by the provincial government, our revised  procedures have been put in place in order for our resumption of services to take place. We will continue follow the advice of British Columbia’s public health experts, Vancouver Coastal Health and the BC Centre for Disease Control.

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    What happens to my membership/pass during this time?

    Members will have the option to either reactivate their membership or to pay a reduced drop-in fee for each visit, which includes parking. If you would like to keep your membership on hold, no further action is required at this time. To reactivate your membership, please fill in the form here.

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    Can I use my Guest Passes?

    Members must have an active membership in order to redeem their guest passes. Guest Passes may be given to friends or family. Please call the front desk at 778-296-1400 during our call centre hours to find out how your guests can redeem a Guest Pass. Our current call centre hours are:

    Mon, Wed and Fri: 11:45am – 7:30pm
    Tues and Thurs: 7:30am – 7:30pm
    Saturday: 7:30am – 3:30pm
    Sunday: Closed

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    What does my booking include?

    In order to allow fair  access to the building, individuals will be permitted to book the equivalent of two hours per day for Court, including Table Tennis, Fitness/Strength Pod or Group Fitness activities. A maximum of three hours will be permitted for climbing wall bookings.

    If bookings exceeding these limits on any given day, access will be granted for the first bookings only, and subsequent bookings will be deleted.

    Drop-in fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. As a courtesy to others trying to access the facility, if you are unable to attend your session,  we ask that all individuals call 778-296-1400 to cancel.

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    Can I sign up on site? What type of payment is accepted?

    Pre-booking online up to 24 hours in advance for all activities is required. “Day-of” registration is available via mobile phone or via a self-serve kiosk is available but is subject to capacity limits and is entry is not guaranteed. We encourage electronic payments wherever possible.

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    Do I have to pay for parking?

    During this phased resumption of services, parking is included in the cost of a registered session. If you are visiting the Oval for non Oval activities, standard parking fees apply.

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    Can I request a 7-Day Intro Pass?

    If you would like to register for a 7-Day Intro Pass, please complete the form on this page. 7-Day Intro Passes must be activated in-person. Please note that the pass will become valid on the day of in-person activation.

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    Membership Tour

    If you would like to book a tour of the facility, please complete the form on this page. Membership Tours will be conducted by appointment only.

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    What services or activities are available?

    The Oval will host a variety of group fitness classes, access to strength and cardio equipment as well as within bubble activities such as basketball, table tennis and climbing. Please note that child minding services are not available during this initial phase.

    Please visit the registration page for the full list of sport and fitness offerings and to book an activity.

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    What does Within Bubble mean?

    A bubble is a group of people of who you have close physical contact.

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    Can I book for multiple activities in the same day?

    Individuals will be permitted to book the equivalent of two hours per day for Court, including Table Tennis, Fitness/Strength Pod or Group Fitness activities. A maximum of three hours will be permitted for climbing wall bookings.

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    What happens if I am late for my activity? Is it different for classes?

    Please make every effort to arrive 15 minutes prior to your booked activity. If you arrive late for your registered time slot, access may be granted, however the time of activity will not be extended.

    All guests must exit the building at the end of their activity. Following each registered time slot the equipment and facility will be sanitized before the next scheduled time slot.

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    What if I forget something for my workout?

    We strongly recommend that visitors to the Oval come prepared with all of the equipment they will need for their workout.

    Water and fitness apparel are available for purchase at the Oval Sport Store, however capacity in the store will be limited and there may be a line up to enter.

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    Why can’t I access the locker rooms?

    Locker rooms and showers are currently closed in order to maintain physical distancing and to reduce the number of touch points within the facility. Several washrooms are available on the activity level, please ask a facility attendant during your visit if you require access to a washroom. As such, please keep the number of personal belongings brought into the facility to a minimum.

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