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A variety of sports, activities and movements that aims to introduce an active, healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Racquet, Paddle N’ Putter

Learn the proper movements associated with badminton, table tennis, progressive tennis, baseball; and golf – all sports that utilize hand-eye coordination and striking skills. You will be introduced to rules of the games and learn various grips, shots, basic footwork, and body positioning, while developing fundamental athletic movements.

Sport Tots

This program focuses on keeping kids active, growing an interest in sport and encouraging and developing the fundamental movement skills of throwing, catching, kicking, striking, rolling, jumping and skipping! Every week will be an introduction to a different sport and you will be working on the fundamental movement skills associated with that sport.

Tumble Tots

This program is an introduction to the basics of gymnastics and the fundamental movement skills of rolling, balancing, leaping, skipping, jumping and landing. Every week learn different movement skills and play fun games on our tumble tot equipment!