Multi-Language Audio Guide


Richmond Olympic Experience Tour App Audio Guide

The Richmond Olympic Experience Tour App Audio Guide is an interactive audio tour that provides an in-depth synopsis and commentary on all Richmond Olympic Experience exhibits.  Multiple languages are available, including English, French, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Prior to or during your visit to the Richmond Olympic Experience, you may download the Richmond Olympic Experience Tour App Audio Guide from either the Apple Store or Google Play using the buttons below. Alternatively, iPods are available for a free loan at the Richmond Olympic Experience Admission Desk.

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Topics covered include:

1. Introduction from Mayor Malcolm Brodie
2. Volunteer Sculpture
3. Oval Architecture
4. History of Sport in Richmond
5. Canadian Olympic Committee
6. Canadian Paralympic Committee
7. Entry to the Core/Dream Tunnel
8. Ancient Games Mural
9.  Balcony Lookout
10. True Colours Globe
11. Olympic History Timetable
12. How High/Far Can You Jump?
13. Reflections of Athletes
14. Evolution of Equipment and Training
15. Olympic Events that Shaped History
16. Simulators: Ski Jump/Bobsleigh/Sit Ski
17. Skills Test: Reaction Timers; Shooting Soccer/Hockey
18. Social Mirror
19. F1 model; Car and Kayak Simulators
20. Olympic Highlight Moments
21. Data Lounge and Be a Broadcaster
22. 2010 Tunnel
23. Moments in Series
24. Torches and Medals; Continuing the Legacy; Message of Hope
25. Next Host Nation
26. Exterior Banners
27. Exterior Torch Route
28. The Richmond Olympic Experience Cauldron