The Richmond Oval is dedicated to boosting the physical performance of today’s youth so they can experience success in sport and life, while realizing the social benefits of sport participation. Athletic success and high levels of performance is a product of the Oval’s integrated approach to Long Term Athlete Development. Programs include strength, movement (linear and agility), mobility, and conditioning sessions designed based on key maturation specific windows of trainability that allow Oval youth athletes to realize and maximize the benefits of their training.

Speed & Strength Development Program, 12- 13 yrs old (Sept – June)

This 12 or 14  week program is designed to develop speed & strength with direct transfer to on-field performance. Sessions will focus on fundamental movements and technique. Each session will be progressive and challenging to allow athletes to maximize their physical abilities while training specifically for the movement demands of their sport and unique positions.

Off Season Speed & Strength Program, 12- 13 yrs old (June – August)

The Off Season Speed & Strength program is designed to get athletes’ ages 12-16 years old stronger, faster and more athletic. Sessions will focus on building an athlete’s strength, linear speed, transition (stops/starts) control and multidirectional explosiveness. Oval strength and conditioning coaches take an individualized approach to ensure speed and strength gains transfer to a player’s sport and position. All athletes complete a full assessment and receive an individualized program which takes into account training and competition schedules and sport specific season starts or tryouts.

Athlete Development Strength & Conditioning Program, 14-18 yrs old

The Oval Athlete Development Program is specifically designed to improve overall athletic development in conjunction with each athlete’s current sport-specific practice and competition schedule.  Athletes will be introduced to a High-Performance lifestyle through individualized programming utilizing scientifically supported techniques and principles such as periodization. This ensures the avoidance of overtraining and exercises are selected for transference to athletic movements and injury prevention. The program focuses on preparing athletes for higher level training whether at a provincial, collegiate or national team level.

Program Components:

  • Individualized Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Monthly individual check in’s with coach to discuss programming, goals, and progress.
  • #ovalathlete t-shirt
  • Physical Education (PE) and Strength and Conditioning 10- 12 Academic School Credit completed through the Richmond Virtual School District. PDF attached with more information.

For more information please contact Justine at or by calling 778.296.1421


Eric Dagenais, Father of Lauren Pureza Dagenais – Fall 2015 Ignite Athlete
“When our daughter Lauren was invited to attend the Ignite programme we had thought the training would help her develop as an athlete, but we had not suspected that we would be seeing such a quick improvement in her game performances.  In only 3 months there has been a remarkable change in her agility and ability.  It really seems like it has been the right programme at the right time.  We can now say that she is performing at the top her game, able to help her team win back to back shutouts in regular play and sweep through six consecutive games in their recent tournament. Our goalie has been ignited – she is on fire!

The workouts at the oval have become the highlight of her week.  She always comes home all aglow, eager to tell us about the exercises they have tackled and how she is progressing.  Her reports tell us that the coaches – whom she loves – challenge the whole group while paying special attention to each participants individual development and particular needs.  They are extremely adept at motivating our young athlete and have given her a real passion for training.

 As the parents of a young person aspiring to compete at the highest levels we have nothing but good to say about the Ignite programme itself, the people administering it and the coaches delivering it.  If you are fortunate enough to receive an invitation out of the blue as we did, we would strongly suggest you consider it.  We have found it to be not only incredibly effective but also able to give us the most bang for our buck when compared to other private training groups.  We think this programme has allowed our athlete to take a significant step into the world of high performance competition – these people truly know what they are doing.”


Eric Dagenais

Hockey Off Season Strength & Conditioning

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