Everything you need to know

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    What is Mind Body Online (MBO)?

    MBO is a software specific for Oval drop-in classes and activities only. The software has been integrated directly into the richmondoval.ca website on the individual drop-in pages.

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    Do I have to be a member to use MBO?

    Both Members and the general public may book a drop-in activity at richmondoval.ca using the MBO system. Individuals who do not hold a valid membership at the Oval are able to pay the drop-in rate through website on desktop, mobile and through the app. While online registration is strongly encouraged, registration by phone and in-person is available.

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    I am an existing Oval member. How do I create a MBO account?

    To create a Mind Body Online account, please follow this link.

    Follow the steps including entering your email and phone number, and provide your consent to have your information stored within the system. Once your account has been created, you will receive an email notification with your account details. Please forward this email in addition to the following details to mbohelp@richmondoval.ca:

    • Your first and last name as it appears on your Oval account.
    • Your email address as it appears on your Oval account
    • Your phone number as it appears on your Oval account
    • Your Member Number (found on your member card, below your picture)

    Please note that if you do not forward the account details to the email address above, we will not be able to attach your membership to the account.

  • 04

    I'm locked out of my account. What do I do?

    The security of your account is of the utmost importance, and Mind Body Oline has protocols in place to guard against “brute force” hack attempts and password guessing. For this reason, we’ll temporarily lock your account after a number of successive failed login attempts.

    How long until my account is unlocked?

    Your MBO account will be automatically unlocked after five minutes.

    How can I get back into my account before the 5 minutes is up?

    Neither MBO nor the Richmond Olympic Oval can lift this lockout before the 5-minute lockout period is over. Resetting your password also does not impact the lockout but resetting is still recommended if your password is not recognized.

  • 05

    How do I make a booking through MBO?

    See video tutorial here. Note that family accounts and multi-member bookings are not available with the Mind Body system. To book, each individual must have their own account with a unique email and password.

  • 06

    Will bookings for OVALfit RIDE classes change?

    All RIDE Classes are integrated with Stages™ Flight.

    When a guest registers for a RIDE class, the rider will receive an additional email from Stages™ flight with assigned bike details. This email will include instructions on how to change the bike selection if participants wish to move. Note, login to Stages™ Flight account is separate from MBO Login. Your password reset can be completed at stagesflight.com.

    All workout details and data will be emailed after class according to Stages™ Flight settings.


  • 07

    I am not a member. How do I pay for drop-in?

    You may pay for a drop-in session online using a credit card.

  • 08

    How do I register for a Waitlist?

    See our video tutorial here.

  • 09

    Can I be on multiple waitlists at the same time?

    Individuals may reserve spots on multiple waitlists, provided that the session times do not overlap. Members and One Month Pass holders may attend two activities per day with their membership. Individuals with a long-term membership or a One Month Pass may register for a third activity, at the reception desk, 1 hour prior to the session start time. Requests will not be accepted via email or phone. Any additional reservations made for the same day must pay a drop-in fee.

  • 10

    I am no longer able to attend an activity I booked. How do I cancel?

    You may withdraw from an activity through your MBO account on desktop or mobile device. Navigate to the activity webpage of the booking you wish to cancel. Press the “My Account” button at the top right corner of the booking widget and log into your account. Press the “Schedule” tab and you will be able to view all your booked activities. To withdraw, press cancel on the right pane of the window. You will be sent a confirmation notification of the cancellation.

    If it is your first time withdrawing from a class, watch our cancellation video tutorial.

    Please be advised that if you are booking a drop-in activity the booking policy is now applicable. If you are registered for a drop-in activity and can no longer attend, you must withdraw from the booking no later than three hours prior to the activity.

  • 11

    What happens if I don’t cancel my booking?

    To early cancel and to avoid penalty, we ask that you cancel your reservation at least 3 hours prior to the start time.

    Late cancellations and no-shows will result in a penalty. If an individual has more than three missed bookings within a calendar month they will be subject to a two week suspension of their online booking privileges or they may pay a $10 administration fee to have their online privileges restored. With our new normal in place, we are operating at reduced capacities, and not withdrawing from an activity impacts fellow member’s ability to attend an activity. So please be kind and cancel promptly.

  • 12

    Where do I register for my activity?

    Registration for activities can be found on their respective pages on the richmondoval.ca website:

  • 13

    Will check-in be any different?

    When you arrive at the Oval you will soon see physical signs reminding participants of the health screening criteria. This information is a reminder that access is only permitted to classes if the following statements can be answered with a yes:

    • Neither I, or anyone in my household have travelled internationally in the last 14 days.
    • Neither I, or anyone in my household have had close contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19.
    • Neither I, or anyone in my household have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19.

    Similar information is also communicated electronically in different locations throughout the registration process. Staff will continue to check-in customers upon arrival and at activity locations to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

  • 14

    Do you have an app?

    The Richmond Olympic Oval has an App available on both Apple and Android devices. Through the app, you can register and withdraw from activities, as well as review your scheduled activities.

  • 15

    How do I update my profile

    To update your personal information or to change your notification preferences, simply use your email and password to sign in with to your drop-in profile. Press the “My Info” tab and click on “Profile” to view your settings. If you wish to change your settings, simply press the “Edit” button and be sure to press save once finished. If it is your first time updating your information, watch our video tutorial here.

  • 16

    Will Mind Body send me emails?

    Mind Body will send emails or messages regarding your account, schedule updates and newsletters and promotions. You may update your preferences for all the aforementioned by choosing email, text message, both, or none for each category. To log in and edit your notification preferences, use your email and password to sign in with your existing account. Press the “My Info” tab and click on “Profile” to view your settings. If you wish to change your settings, simply press the “Edit” button and be sure to press save once finished.

  • 17

    Who do I contact for help?

    If you are having issues with your account or have questions, please email us at mbohelp@richmondoval.ca . Note that we do offer tech support for the App.

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    What is included in my Oval membership?

    • 20,000 sq ft Fitness Centre with a wide selection of cardio and strength equipment
    • Priority booking for 60+ drop-in fitness classes including RIDE, Athletic and Synergy Circuit
    • Drop-in ice and court activities
    • Table tennis
    • Drop-in batting cages
    • Climbing wall
    • Free admission to the Olympic Experience Museum
    • OVAL Sport Store – The official retail store at the Oval
    • Complimentary lockers, shower facilities and amenities
    • Member pricing on programs and services
  • 02

    Is parking included with my Oval membership?

    Parking is free for Monthly Continuous and Annual members aged 16 years or older with a valid driver’s licence. Please be aware that parking is limited. Check out our homepage for the most current parking information.

  • 03

    How much does an Oval membership cost?

    We offer different rates for different types of memberships and age groups, as well as a loyalty program.

  • 04

    I need to update my information. Where can I do this?

    To update your personal information or payment details, please click here to log into your account.

  • 05

    What are my membership payment options?

    Pay monthly or pay in full – the choice is yours!

  • 06

    Are there any age restrictions on membership?

    Yes, there are some age restrictions. Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied at all times by a parent or other responsible person aged 18-years or older, unless in a supervised, registered program (ex: skating lessons).

    In the fitness center, guests aged 15-years and older must complete a fitness orientation prior to using the Fitness Centre. Guests aged 13 or 14-years old must have completed a teen orientation and be under the direct supervision of a parent or other responsible person aged 18-years or older. The person providing this supervision must be a paid guest within arm’s length of the 13 or 14-year old at all times.

  • 07

    Can I put my membership on hold?

    Eligible memberships can be placed on hold up to two times per calendar year for a cumulative total of four months at no additional cost. To submit your hold request, please visit the front desk a minimum of 5 days before your hold start date.

    Membership holds for medical reasons must be accompanied by a doctor’s note that indicates the range of absence. Medical holds will not be included in the annual hold entitlement. Holds cannot be backdated. Cancellations may not overlap or run consecutively with a hold request. Members with a One Month or 10-Visit Pass are not eligible for holds.

  • 08

    What is the Oval’s cancellation policy?

    All requests to cancel must be submitted in-person and accompanied by a cancellation form. A minimum of 30 days notice is required. Any overdue payments or payments scheduled within 30 days of the request date will be payable at the time of cancellation. You will continue to have access to the Oval for the duration of your paid time. Cancellations may not overlap or run consecutively with a hold request. Cancellations cannot be backdated, including for reasons of lack of use.

    Annual memberships are not eligible for refunds. A member wishing to cancel will receive a prorated refund if the member provides written evidence of a medical condition that prevents them from using the facility. Members with a One Month or 10-Visit Pass are not eligible for cancellation and or refunds.

    All memberships and passes with the exception of drop-in passes can be cancelled within 10 days from the purchase date. The guest will be charged the number of visits used at the day admission rate prior to receiving a full refund.

  • 09

    Can I bring a friend?

    Absolutely! As a member, you receive 8 guest passes per year.

  • 10

    How and why should I set up an online account?

    Having an online account allows you to reserve a spot in a fitness class, register yourself and family members for programs and camps, manage your account and more! Come by the front desk or email us to help you set this up.

  • 11

    How can I update my account?

    Easily manage your information by logging into your Oval membership account.

  • 12

    Does the Oval have a referral program?

    Yes! Click here for more information on our Referral Program.

  • 13

    Does the Oval offer child minding services?

    The Oval offers a safe, engaging and dynamic environment for children ages 6-weeks to 11-years old. Click here for hours of operation and pricing.

  • 14

    What is a member appreciation event?

    Throughout the year, we host a number of member appreciation events. It’s our chance to appreciate and recognize you – our community. Members can expect to find a variety of free demos, product samples and prize giveaways during these events. No event is the same, so make sure you attend as many as you can!

  • 15

    Do members get a discount at the Oval Sport Store?

    Yes! Members will occasionally get early access to sales. All members are notified via email before the sale begins.

  • 01

    What is a fitness consultation?

    This 30-minute one-on-one session with a personal trainer is offered to members so they can start or continue their wellness journey with fitness knowledge that is customized just for them.

  • 02

    What is OVALfit?

    OVALfit is a complete training experience with inspiring, immersive programs to condition your mind, body and spirit. Check out our RIDE and ATHLETIC classes, designed to bring out your inner athlete.

  • 03

    Can I attend all of the drop-in fitness classes?

    Yes! All drop-in fitness classes are included in your membership, even specialty classes like TRX, ViPR, Zumba and OVALfit classes. Members may reserve their spot online or by phone up to 3 hours before the class start time.

  • 01

    Are camp participants required to wear a mask?

    Yes. Participants must be wearing a mask when they arrive and bring a back-up mask in their backpack. The Richmond Olympic Oval is requiring that all individuals (parents and participants) that are able to wear a face mask must do so while inside the facility. While taking part in physical activities, masks are optional and if desired, sport camp leaders will direct participants to remove mask when appropriate. A mask must be worn when entering, exiting and moving around the building.

    An individual’s face mask must cover the nose, mouth, and chin without gapping. Face shields alone are not acceptable.

    Exceptions will be permitted for people with sensory, cognitive or physical disabilities; those with chronic health conditions unable to wear a face covering; and children five years and under.

    Those who are not able to wear a face mask, for medical or other reasons, are asked to inform the Camp Programmer by email at camps@richmondoval.ca ahead of camp.

  • 02

    What is the ratio for leaders to participants?

    There will be 1 leader for every 8 participants.

  • 03

    How many participants are allowed in each camp?

    Camp capacities are set dependent on the space available for physical distancing, and whilst maintaining leader to participant ratio. There will 1 leader for every 8 participants. There will be no more than 24 participants in any given camp.

  • 04

    Where will be camps be held?

    Oval Sport Camps will be held outdoors on the Oval’s north plaza and front grass field, indoors on some of the Oval’s multiple courts, on the skating rink or at the climbing wall, and at Dover Park, a short walk from the Oval. While these spaces are in use by camps, the public nor other programs will be permitted to use these spaces. They will be cleaned before and after each use.

  • 05

    How will physical distancing rules be enforced?

    We have modified all the games and sports to enforce physical distancing rules. During snack and lunch, participants will be spread out accordingly. We have also limited the number of participants permitted in each camp and will have the different camps spread out as much as possible.

  • 06

    Will the various camps interact with each other?

    Each camp will be assigned their own space for all activities and breaks. Every camp will be scheduled so that there is no sharing of spaces and so that there is time to clean space/equipment between groups.

  • 07

    How will you be sanitizing the equipment?

    Camp leaders will have daily cleaning duties to ensure all equipment and frequently touched surfaces are sanitized. Every child will have their own equipment to use and it will be wiped down after every activity.

  • 08

    How often will the children be washing their hands?

    The Oval has multiple hand sanitizing stations placed throughout the building and the children will be washing their hands periodically throughout the day. They will wash their hands before and after snack and lunch, after using the washroom, before and after going outside and after sneezing or coughing.

  • 09

    Will camps still be visiting the Richmond Olympic Experience?

    When the Richmond Olympic Experience reopens, camps will be scheduled to visit the museum. All physical distancing rules will be enforced.

  • 10

    What happens if a child develops symptoms of COVID-19?

    If a child develops symptoms at home, parents or caregivers must keep the child at home until they have been assessed by a health care provider to exclude COVID-19 and other infectious diseases and their symptoms have resolved. If the child develops symptoms at camp, the child will be immediately separated from the rest of the children and a parent or caregiver must pick up their child promptly once notified.

  • 11

    Do I need to sign a waiver?

    To participate in camp, all participants must have a signed waiver completed before the start of their camp. Waivers are included in the online registration process. For telephone and in-person registrations, a waiver will be sent to you via email and must be emailed back to us prior to Monday morning. We will not have paper waivers available to fill out at the Oval.

  • 12

    Do you need to be an Oval member to take part in camps?

    No, the Oval’s camps are open to both non-members and members.

  • 13

    How old does my child have to be to take part in the Oval's camps?

    Our Sport Camps include programming for children ages four and up.

  • 14

    What information does the Oval require for my child to participate?

    The parent or guardian must provide complete and accurate registration information for each participant including age, gender, phone number, full address, emergency contact, relevant medical information and allergies at the time of registration. A waiver form MUST be signed for each participant before the first day of camp; participation in the camp cannot happen without it.

  • 15

    When do I need to pay for my child’s camp?

    The full camp payment must be made at the time of registration. We will not hold spots for participants without payment.

  • 16

    Can I sign up for more than one camp?

    Yes, participants can sign up for more than one camp. We offer both full-day and half-day camps. You can sign up for two half-day camps in the same week. If you spend a full day at the Oval, but are in both a morning and afternoon camp, please sign up for lunch supervision. Lunch supervision is free for those registered in a full-day, and those registered in both a morning and afternoon camp.

  • 17

    Can my child attend three out of five days of camp?

    Yes, but we don’t offer prorated program fees. Parents or guardians are responsible for letting the camp staff know about which day(s) the participant will not be there.

  • 18

    Can I use Extra Supervision for only one or two days?

    In order to use Extra Supervision, you must register and pay for the entire week of supervision care. Once you have registered you may use it as you need, but no refunds will be given for individual mornings, lunch hours and afternoons. Parents or guardians are responsible for notifying the Oval Camp staff about which day(s) the participant will not be there.

  • 10

    My 9-year old falls into both age brackets. Which camp should we choose?

    Our camps are designed to be inclusive for age and skill levels, as not all children develop at the same pace. We want to ensure the best camp experience possible. If the 9-year-old is a beginner, the younger option may be the best choice. If they are looking for a challenge and are comfortable with competition, the older option might be best. Choose the camp that will best suit their skills and comfort level.

  • 20

    What should I do if the camp I want to register for is full?

    If you are interested in a camp that has already reached its registration capacity, please ask to be placed on the waitlist. You will be contacted if a registration slot becomes available or if there is enough interest to open another camp. No payment is required to be placed on a waitlist.

  • 21

    How do I know if there's a spot available when I'm on the waitlist?

    Those on a waitlist will be notified by email and given instructions on how to register from the waitlist. In most cases, we will need your response within 24 hours or your spot may be forfeited.

  • 22

    What happens if I am able to enroll one child, but my other child is waitlisted?

    Please register the first camper, add the second camper to the waitlist and email us at camps@richmondoval.ca. We cannot guarantee a spot for those on the waitlist, but we will make every effort to keep requested siblings and friends together for the same sessions.

  • 23

    Can I cancel my child's registration?

    Participants must withdraw a minimum of 7 days before camp start date – No penalty fee will be charged. If minimum participation is not met, camp will be cancelled and other participants refunded in full. Requests for withdrawals within 7 days of camp start date are at the discretion of the Camp Programmer – No refunds will be issued.

  • 24

    What is the schedule for each day?

    In the week leading up to camp, every participant will be sent an email with details about their camp(s), indicating activities they will participate in each day. Each camp includes a 15-minute snack break. Water breaks will happen throughout the day.

  • 25

    Will my child be outside or leave the Oval?

    The simple answer is yes. The majority of our sport camp activities will take place outdoors. All participants are asked to arrive wearing sunscreen, bring a hat and lots of water. Some camps activities will take place indoors, rock climbing and skating being only two examples. Some camps are also scheduled to take place at local Richmond parks for all or part of the camp day. Pease refer to individual camp schedules for more details. If a camp is scheduled to go off-site, parents will be notified in advance, and all sign-in/out will take place at the Oval. We have many safety rules and protocols in place to ensure the safety of all campers while off-site.

  • 26

    Is lunch provided?

    No, lunch is not provided. Participants must bring their own peanut-free lunch and snacks with them. Participants will not have access to refrigerators or microwaves while at camp.

  • 27

    What should my child bring to camp?

    • Participants must be wearing a mask when they arrive and bring a back-up mask in their backpack. The Richmond Olympic Oval is requiring that all individuals that are able to wear a face mask must do so while inside the facility. While taking part in physical activities, masks are optional and if desired, sport camp leaders will direct participants to remove mask when appropriate. A mask must be worn when entering, exiting and moving around the building.
    • Proper active clothing for indoor and outdoor activities. Running shoes with a non-marking sole. Sandals and flip flops will NOT be permitted.
    • A healthy, peanut-free lunch and snack. Please help us keep the camps as nut-free as possible by choosing lunch and snack products that do not contain nuts. Participants will not have access to refrigerators or microwaves while at camp.
    • Individual labelled water bottles
    • Waterproof sunscreen and hat (optional)
    • Gym bag/backpack to carry and keep track of belongings

    For programs involving skating:

    • Warm clothes (mittens, hat, sweater/coat, long pants)
    • Skates and helmets will be provided; however, participants may also bring their own.

    For programs involving swimming:

    • Swimsuit and towel
    • Change of clothes

    For programs involving biking:

    • A fully operational, 2-wheel bike (no training wheels)
    • Bike helmet
    • Bike lock

    *The Richmond Olympic Oval is not responsible for lost or stolen items. All items left behind will go in the Oval’s lost and found collection located at the front desk.

    Please DO NOT bring:

    • Electronic equipment, cellphones, iPods and handheld games
    • Extra money
    • Pets
    • Unregistered friends/family
  • 28

    Where do I park for drop-off and pick-up?

    For camp drop-off and pick-up, 15-minute free parking is available at the Oval in the underground parkade (entrance to parkade is located at the west side of the building).

    If you plan on parking for more than 20 minutes, parking fees are $2 per hour up to a max of $15 per day. Parkade max height is 6’11”.

  • 29

    What time is sign-in and sign-out?

    Camp start and end times are clearly stated on your camp registration. You may sign-in up to 10 minutes before the camp time. Please be respectful of our camp start and end times. If these times are not respected, additional charges may apply for extra supervision. Repeated incidents may result in dismissal from future camp participation.

  • 30

    Do I need to be there to sign my child in and out?

    Yes, all camp participants, regardless of age, must be signed in and out by an identified authorized individual. Authorized individual must provide photo ID at time of pick up.

  • 31

    Who is allowed to sign my child in and out?

    All participants must be signed in and out of camp by an identified authorized individual over the age of 12. If you are arranging for someone to pick up your child who isn’t on your authorized list, you must send a written permission slip and notify camp staff.

  • 32

    How do you ensure the safety of my child while at camp?

    Holding the health and safety of our participants in the highest regard, our staff takes responsibility in determining the safety condition of all playing areas prior to commencing activity. The Richmond Olympic Oval’s sport camp leaders are certified in First Aid and are committed to providing a safe camp experience for your child. During our training sessions, emergency procedures are reviewed thoroughly.

  • 33

    What is the Oval’s policy on bullying?

    Absolutely NO bullying will be tolerated during camps. The Richmond Olympic Oval has the right to suspend participation to anyone acting in a manner that is deemed to be unsafe or inappropriate.

  • 34

    What should I do if my child is sick?

    If a participant is sick and contagious, please be respectful of other participants and keep germs away! It’s the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify camp staff if their child is going to be absent for any portion of their  camp. A request for a refund can be submitted to camps@richmondoval.ca with the inclusion of a doctor’s note. All refunds are at the discretion of the Camp Programmer.

  • 35

    What should I do if my child requires medication to be taken while at camp?

    If a participant requires medication to be taken when camp is in session, the parent or guardian is responsible for notifying the camp staff. Medication must be stored securely and in a location known to camp staff. Under no circumstances will the Richmond Olympic Oval staff be responsible for administering medication to participants.

  • 36

    What should I do if my child has a medical condition and/or allergies?

    If a participant has a current medical condition, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to indicate so on the program registration form. Medical information will be communicated to camp leaders helping to determine the severity of any potential medical emergency.

    All Epi-Pens must be stored securely and in a location known to camp staff.

  • 37

    What happens if there is an accident or emergency involving my child at camp?

    In the event of a medical emergency during a camp, appropriate steps to respond to the emergency will be taken. The participant’s parent/guardian/designated emergency contact will be notified as soon as possible by camp staff.

  • 38

    Do participants of Learn to Row Camp meet the prerequisite to row at the UBC Boathouse?


  • 39

    What type of equipment is involved in the fencing camps?

    All of the equipment meets international fencing safety standards. The participants will receive a glove, jacket and mask while at camp. The foil has a rubber soft tip.

  • 40

    How long are Hockey Camps and Power Skating Camps on-ice?

    Hockey Skills Development Camp (6-9 years) and Power Skating Camp will be on ice for 60-90 minutes each day. Hockey Tot Camp will be designated 60-90 minutes each day but may be adjusted to account for adapting to the fatigue levels of the participants.

  • 41

    What will the campers do when they aren't on the ice?

    Oval hockey instructors will take the participants through various off-ice training routines each day. Each session will be designed to be fun and engaging, while fitting the appropriate age and skill level.

  • 42

    What hockey equipment does my child need to participate?

    • Helmet with cage (CSA approved)
    • Neck guard
    • Shoulder pads
    • Elbow pads
    • Jock/Jill
    • Hockey pants
    • Shin pads
    • Hockey socks
    • Tape
    • Hockey skates (skates should be sharp and ready for skating before the first day of camp, as there will be no opportunities to sharpen skates during camp hours)
    • Stick
    • Mouth guard
    • Hockey gloves
    • Change of clothes for under gear and off-ice activities
    • Running shoes with a non-marking sole
  • 01

    Is climbing a sport?

    Yes! Climbing is an activity enjoyed by many, but it is also a competitive sport.  Climbing will be included for the first time in the Olympics in Tokyo 2021, but already has a robust competitive scene around the world, with many regional, national, and international competitions each year.

  • 02

    How do you compete?

    The sport of climbing is divided into 3 disciplines.

    • Speed climbing features head to head racing on a standardized route. Beat your opponent to the top and you can claim victory!
    • Bouldering challenges strength and problem solving with short but powerful sequences.  Get to the top of these problems in the fewest number of attempts to rank 1st.
    • Difficulty climbing tests your endurance and mental toughness.  Climb higher than your competitors on the wall and you will stand higher than them on the podium.  Careful though because you only get one attempt at these towering routes.
  • 03

    When are the competitions?

    In the Greater Vancouver area, the majority of competitions are bouldering and difficulty.  (This is due to speed climbing being historically less popular; very few gyms in North America have an official speed climbing route).  The local competitive season runs from October through May, and is divided into two parts.  The Bouldering season which ends in Canadian Bouldering nationals in January, and the Difficulty/Speed season which ends in Canadian Nationals at the end of May.

  • 04

    Is climbing a team sport?

    Absolutely!  Just like many other individual sports, climbers benefit from being around supportive and like-minded individuals.  When the athletes are performing, it is just them and the wall.  But having support from your coaches and teammates in training and during the competition can make all the difference.  There are many proven benefits to being a member of a team, and this applies to more than just climbing performance during competition. Being part of a team generates friendships, camaraderie, cooperation and leadership skills.

  • 05

    What if I don’t like competing?

    No problem! Climbing is enjoyed by many people for many different reasons. Whatever your climbing goals are, we will help you achieve it.

  • 06

    How can I find out more about Climbing Competitions?

    Competitive climbing in British Columbia is sanctioned by the Provincial Sport Organization SportClimbingBC which is itself a member of the National Sport Organization Climbing Escalade Canada.

  • 07

    Do I need special equipment?

    Climbing does not require a large or expensive outlay for equipment.  For bouldering, just a pair of shoes and a chalk bag.  For difficulty, add on a harness and a belay device.  The Richmond Oval does have a limited selection of rental shoes and harnesses, and these are appropriate for learning how to climb.  However, athletes pursuing the sport will need to have their own equipment (Shoes and Chalk at a minimum).  The Oval Sport Store at the has a selection of Black Diamond equipment (Shoes, Harness, Belay device).

  • 08

    Can I train for climbing?

    Of course!  Actually, it does not take very long for most people to learn the fundamentals of the rope safety systems and basic climbing technique.  Training for climbing is best done under the guidance of an experienced coach.  All of the programming for sport climbing done here at the Oval is in accordance to the principles laid out in the Long-Term Athlete Development plan published by Climbing Escalade Canada.

  • 09

    What programs do you offer?

    The Oval has a variety of programs for all ages and abilities.  Our Learn to Belay 13+ course will teach people age 13 and up the basics of belaying and gym safety and get you started on your journey of climbing, while the Sport Climbing programs provide youth age 6-17 the opportunity to participate in the sport of climbing from the ground up.  For older athletes looking increase their climbing ability, we also have a very comprehensive adult technique course as well as a Learn to Lead Climb 16+ course for those climbers who are keen to challenge themselves on our wall.

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