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Group Fitness

Move, Sweat, Succeed

Group Fitness

Keep your workout routine fresh with our diverse lineup of large group training classes. Our motivating environment allows you to tackle a workout as intensely as you desire alongside our OVALfit community,


Group Fitness Class Schedule

There’s strength in numbers. Choose from our extensive list of classes and train alongside our fitness community with expert instructors. If this is your first visit to the Oval, please click here to learn about our registration system and to review terms and conditions. Should you need any assistance with your account, please email our direct helpline at mbohelp@richmondoval.ca Are you looking for an intro to RIDE session or help choosing which classes are best for you? Email our Group Fitness supervisor oabzaeva@richmondoval.ca and Olga will be happy to help you out!


Accelerate your fitness journey, push your limits and add variety into your routine.


In ATHLETIC you can expect six alternating blocks of functional exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, battleropes and much more partnered with blocks of hill work, sprint work or threshold work on a treadmill (or Airdyne Bike for those looking for low-impact cardio).

DEKA™ classes fall under the ATHLETIC umbrella and feature a unique and dynamic format that combines functional movements with DEKA™ Zones. In just one hour, you’ll engage in a carefully crafted class format featuring two blocks of three rotating exercises, followed by an exhilarating one-minute burnout.


The OVALfit RIDE studio features a 24ft screen, used to display real-time data and stunning visuals to keep you informed, engaged and motivated.

Not a seasoned rider?  Not sure about training with power?  No problem, our certified instructors will set you up on the bikes to maximize your training and help you fall in love with the RIDE experience.

Download the Stages Studio+ app to check out your class stats and leaderboards.


Offered in a bright and spacious studio, MOVE classes include:

  • AMP (Agility + Metabolic Conditioning + Power)
  • Bootcamp
  • Lift (Barbell & Dumbbells)
  • Kickboxing
  • Step & Strength
  • Move Well (functional)
  • Zumba
  • And many more

All MOVE classes offer exercise progressions and regressions to tailor each class to your fitness level.


FLOW classes are designed for all levels of experience and our Instructors will ensure the movements are suitable for each participant. These classes are sure to leave you feeling happy, abundant and creative. Classes offered in the FLOW studio include:

  • Core Pilates
  • Power Hour Yoga
  • Roll & Restore
  • Barre Body
  • Hatha Yoga
  • And many more

Commit to fit with our flexible membership options.

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