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Group Fitness


Group Fitness Class Schedule

There’s strength in numbers. Choose from our extensive list of classes and train alongside our fitness community with expert instructors. If this is your first visit to the Oval, please click here to learn about our registration system and to review terms and conditions. Should you need any assistance with your account, please email our direct helpline at mbohelp@richmondoval.ca.

Breathe Easy

Move with Ease

While proof of vaccination may no longer be required to enter the facility, our commitment to your health and safety will never waiver. Our facility has great natural airflow thanks to our expansive space and significant ceiling height paired with an extensive air filtration system.

OVALfit Studios

Accelerate your fitness journey, push your limits and add variety into your routine.


Immerse yourself in a power-based indoor cycling experience with data-driven training using Stages Flight technology and pumping beats. The Oval’s studio features a 24ft screen, used to display real-time data to keep you engaged and motivated.


A dark, immersive studio offering small group and individualized classes that combine strength training and treadmill intervals, designed to challenge your inner athlete.


A bright, spacious studio offering the majority of our group classes including HIIT, kickboxing, Zumba, hatha yoga, restore and release and more.

Fitness Programs

Our expansive selection of programs are designed to support fitness enthusiasts at any level in reaching their health and wellness goals.

Commit to fit with our flexible membership options.

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