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OVALfit Virtual

A program tailored to your fitness journey

During this period of the Oval’s closure to help stop the spread of COVID-19, it is important to stay home, self-isolate, and de-stress. For us, that means exercising and focusing on our physical and mental health. Join our OVALfit Virtual classes to keep your heart and soul pumping!

Each OVALfit Virtual program is catered to the needs of its participants. Join our small group online fitness classes for that weekly dose of accountability, motivation and socialization, or engage in Virtual Personal Training sessions to keep working towards your fitness goals.

Pilates Babies

Build strength, tone muscles, improve flexibility in the comfort of home with your baby. A fun and challenging postnatal Pilates class designed to reconnect you with your core. A certified Oval Instructor will address issues specific to postnatal moms while building strength, toning muscles, improving posture and flexibility.

Functional Fitness 55+

Train to live life to the fullest. Improve your quality of life and retain the ability to excel in sport and recreational activities. This 5-week Active Aging program develops whole body strength and improves mobility.

Yoga For Athletes

Get stronger, boost athletic performance, improve flexibility and reduce pain with this specialized yoga program. This progressive series is designed for athletes who are looking to offset the wear and tear of sport injuries and relieve chronically tight hips and hamstrings.

Virtual Personal Training

Our team of educated and passionate trainers are ready to help you achieve your health, wellness, mobility and strength goals.

Nutrition Service

Whether you’re looking to increase your energy, figure out those frustrating digestive issues, or increase your marathon time, proper nutrition can help you achieve your goals. Chat with our nutritionist, Evan Duxbury, about anything nutrition, health and wellness related!

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