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Fitness & Membership

OVALfit Virtual

A program tailored to your fitness journey

Join our OVALfit Virtual classes to keep your heart and soul pumping!

Each OVALfit Virtual program is catered to the needs of its participants. Join our small group online fitness classes for that weekly dose of accountability, motivation and socialization, or engage in Virtual Personal Training sessions to keep working towards your fitness goals.

Virtual Personal Training

Our team of educated and passionate trainers are ready to help you achieve your health, wellness, mobility and strength goals.

Virtual Yoga – Taking Refuge in Your Yoga

This specialized yoga program will provide a blend of yoga postures, breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises to help us find refuge through yoga in trying times.

This program will be delivered online therefore access to a desktop, laptop or other internet device is required.

Nutrition Service

Whether you’re looking to increase your energy, figure out those frustrating digestive issues, or increase your marathon time, proper nutrition can help you achieve your goals. Chat with our nutritionist, Evan Duxbury, about anything nutrition, health and wellness related!

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