Everything you need to know about Oval Sport Camps

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    Where are camps held?

    • We use all the Oval’s facilities to offer as much variety as we can.  
    • Camps may take place on the ice, courts, track, climbing wall, Richmond Olympic Experience, beach courts, plaza, fields, in studios, and visit the nearby Dover Park.  
    • Some camps even take place at Dover Park for the entire session and at the Richmond Skateboard Park.  
    • Additionally, any specific camp that includes Out Trips will show specifically the location where the camp will attend. 
    • Please check your camp description for your camp’s exact location.  
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    What is the ratio for leaders to participants?

    • To ensure quality coaching and sport instruction, there will be 1 camp leader for every 8 participants.  
    • In all Tots camps, ice camps and climbing camps, as the demand for attention is higher, there will be 1 leader for every 6 participants.  
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    How many participants are allowed in each camp?

    For sport-specific camps, we try to keep maximums at 16 kids, but sometimes we go up to 24 kids, so we can accommodate more kids in camp.  

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    Do you need to be an Oval member to take part in camps?

    No! Oval Camps are open to both non-members and members.  

  • 05

    Is lunch provided?

    No, lunch is not provided. Participants must bring their own peanut-free lunch and snacks with them. Participants will not have access to refrigerators or microwaves while at camp. 

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    When does registration open?

    • Summer Registration opens on May 1. 
    • Winter Break Registration opens on November 1. 
    • Spring Break Registration opens on January 1. 
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    When and where can I see the summer camp offerings?

    Camp offerings are available at: https://richmondoval.ca/camps/summer-camps/

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    How to register?

    • After you have selected the camp you want on our website, follow the “Register” link to our secure online registration portal. If registering for multiple camps at the same time, add them to your cart by searching their course ID.  
    • Follow the prompts to complete your registration and online consent and waiver form. 
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    What if the camp I want to register my child in is full?

    As we do not offer waitlists, we highly encourage parents to keep monitoring the camp’s registration portal, as spots may open up as participants plans change throughout the months leading up to summer.

  • 05

    Can my child attend three out of five days of camp?

    Yes, but please note you must pay for the full week. We do not offer prorated fees. Please inform your camp leader the days that your child will be absent. 

  • 06

    When do I pay for my child's camp

    You will pay for your child’s camp upon registration and completion of the online consent and waiver form.  

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    What are the times for extra supervision?

    • Morning extra supervision: 8 AM-9 AM 
    • Lunch extra supervision: 12 PM – 1 PM  
    • Afternoon extra supervision: 4 PM-5 PM 
  • 02

    If my child is participating in two half day camps, is it necessary to purchase lunch supervision?

    No! Your child will automatically be enrolled into Lunch Supervision and transferred from the morning camp to the afternoon camp by their leaders. 

  • 03

    Can I use extra supervision for only one or two days?

    You can, but please note you must pay for the full week. We do not offer prorated fees.  

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    Where do I park for drop-off and pick-up?

    • Where do I park for drop-off and pick-up?  
    • For camps taking place at the Richmond Olympic Oval, 15-minute free parking is available in the Oval’s underground parkade.  
    • Entrance to the parkade is located at the westside of the building.  
    • After the 15-minute free parking expires, parking rates are $2.75 an hour.  
    • Parking information can be found here 


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    Where is camp sign-in and sign-out?

    • For camps taking place at the Richmond Olympic Oval, sign-in and sign-out will take place on the North Plaza. Which can be accessed from a set of stairs inside the North side of the parkade. A map will be provided for your reference.  
    • For camps taking place at Dover Park and the Skatepark, a designated sign-in and out location will be visible at Dover Park. A map will be provided for your reference.  
  • 03

    What time is sign-in and sign-out?

    • Camp start and end times are clearly stated on your camp registration.  
    • You may sign-in up to 10 minutes before the camp start time. Please be respectful of our camp start and end times. If these times are not respected, additional charges may apply for extra supervision. Repeated incidents may result in dismissal from future camp participation.  
  • 04

    Can my child sign-in and sign-out themselves?

    • If you child is between the ages of 4 YRS to 12 YRS old, a parent or guardian MUST accompany the child to the camp for sign-in and sign-out each day of camp. There will be no exceptions.  
    • If your child is above the age of 12 YRS, a parent or guardian must accompany the child to the first day of camp and inform their leader in person that the child has the authorization to sign-in and out themselves. Without the parent’s confirmation to the leader, the child may not sign-in or out alone.  
  • 05

    Who is allowed to sign my child in and out?

    • On the first day of camp, you must let the camp leader know the name and relationship of each adult that is authorized to pick up the child. If the child has plans to attend a house of a friend, the parent or guardian must inform the camp leader that another parent or guardian will be signing their child in or out.  
    • Please have a piece of photographed government issued-ID available upon pick up and drop off each day.  
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    How do you ensure the safety of my child at camp?

    Holding the health and safety of our participants in the highest regard, our camp leaders take responsibility in determining the safety condition of all playing areas prior to commencing activity.  

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    Are your camp leaders first aid certified?

    Absolutely! The Richmond Olympic Oval’s sport camp leaders are certified in First Aid and are committed to providing a safe camp experience for your child. During our training sessions, emergency procedures are reviewed thoroughly. 

  • 03

    What is the Oval’s policy on bullying?

    Absolutely NO bullying will be tolerated during camps. The Richmond Olympic Oval has the right to suspend participation to anyone acting in a manner that is deemed to be unsafe or inappropriate. 

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    What happens if there is an accident or emergency involving my child at camp?

    In the event of a medical emergency during a camp, appropriate steps to respond to the emergency will be taken. The participant’s parent/guardian/designated emergency contact will be notified as soon as possible by Oval Staff. 

  • 05

    What is your policy on sunscreen use?

    Sun safety is important! We ask that all campers apply sunscreen before coming to camp, and pack extra for re-application throughout the day. Oval Camps may have extra sunscreen on hand for participants who have forgotten theirs. Camp leaders will not apply sunscreen without prior parent permission for health and safety reasons. 

  • 06

    What happens if my child’s first language is not English?

    For safety reasons, participants must be able to speak and understand key English vocabulary, especially pertaining to instruction and direction. Some camps, such as Adventure and Biking camps, are not suitable for campers who are not fluent in English. If your child is learning English, please register for camps that take place at the Oval.

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    What should I do if my child is sick?

    If a participant is sick and contagious, please be respectful of other participants and keep germs away! It’s the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify camp staff if their child is going to be absent for any portion of their camp. A request for a refund can be submitted to camps@richmondoval.ca with the inclusion of a doctor’s note. All refunds are at the discretion of the Camp Programmer. 

  • 02

    What happens if a child becomes sick while at camp?

    If the child becomes sick while at camp, the child will be immediately separated from the rest of the children and a parent or caregiver must pick up their child promptly once notified. 

  • 03

    What should I do if my child requires medication to be taken while at camp?

    • If a participant requires medication to be taken when camp is in session, the parent or guardian is responsible for notifying the camp staff. Medication must be stored securely and, in a location known to camp staff.  
    • Please note that under no circumstances will the Richmond Olympic Oval staff be responsible for administering medication to participants. 
  • 04

    What is your peanut and nut policy at camp?

    Oval Camps asks parent/guardians do their best to send their children to camp with nut-free snacks and lunches. While we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment, we actively encourage hand washing and an “eat, wash hands, then play” policy when nut products are brought to camp.  

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    What happens when my child needs to use the washroom?

    • For safety reasons, participants under the age of 12 are escorted to the washroom by a staff member and one other person (camper or staff) at all times. Accompanying camp leaders will either escort campers into a multi-stall washroom facility or ensure there are no other adults in a washroom space before participants enter. 
    • Participants aged 12 and older are permitted to leave camp for a washroom break without a staff member accompanying them upon the camp leader’s permission and by using the buddy system. 
    • Participants must be able to use the washroom independently, as camp leaders are not permitted in the stall with campers. A step stool will be available for participants who are unable to reach the toilet and sink.  
    • In an emergency situation, when deemed necessary by the Camp Programmer, two staff of the same gender as the child may enter the washroom stall to provide medical or emergency assistance.  
  • 02

    What happens if my child needs to use the changeroom?

    • Whenever possible, participants will utilize single-stall change room facilities. When this is not possible due to the facility or volume of participants changing, campers will use gender-specific change spaces.  
    • Staff and volunteers are not permitted to change in front of, or in the vicinity of campers, using private change spaces at all times. Participants under the age of 12 are never left unattended in a changeroom space, and similar to our washroom policy, the buddy system is in place at all times.  
    • Participants are expected to be able to change and undress themselves. If assistance is required, two staff members will be present and encourage the participant to be as autonomous as possible. 

    If your child has additional washroom needs, please email camps@richmondoval.ca ahead of your scheduled camp to ensure we are able to accommodate your request. We reserve the right to withdraw children from camp whose needs cannot be catered to within our designated camp ratios.  

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    What is the schedule for each day?

    Each camp is different and the schedule varies by camp. A schedule of activities will be posted on our website a minimum of 1 week before camp begins.  

  • 02

    What is the difference between a multi-sport camp and a sport-specific camp?

    • Multi-sport camps try to include a little bit of everything. Check your camp schedule for exact activities and be sure to send your child without appropriate gear if needed, i.e., skating requires warm clothes and gloves.  
    • Sport-specific based camps are typically 3 hours per day in length and focus on one particular sport. That being said, we want to keep things fun and ensure that participants are learning skills in all kinds of ways, so a variety of activities take place.  
  • 03

    I signed my child up for a skating-based camp. Why are they not on the ice for the full three hours?

    • Only professional skaters, such as NHL players wear skates for that amount of time, and even they need to take breaks!  
    • A typical skating lesson is 30 minutes in length and sometimes longer for older or more experienced skaters. Oval camp leaders will take the participants through various off-ice training routines each day to build fundamental movement skills required for ice sports. Each session will be designed to be fun and engaging, while fitting the appropriate age and skill level. 
  • 04

    Will my child be outside or leave the Oval?

    • Maybe! If the weather allows, camp leaders may take advantage of our outdoor spaces, such as the front fields, outdoor basketball courts, and the North Plaza.  
    • If we are feeling adventurous, camps may visit Dover Park which is a short walk down the dyke.  
    • If you register for a biking or adventure camp, participants will visit various off-site locations across Richmond and the Lower Mainland.  
    • If your child is in a camp that is based at Dover Park or the Skateboard Park, they will be there for the entire session and duration of the camp.  
    • Please check your camp description for your camp’s exact locations! 
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    Are your camp leaders first aid certified?

    Absolutely! The Richmond Olympic Oval’s sport camp leaders are certified in First Aid and are committed to providing a safe camp experience for your child. During our training sessions, emergency procedures are reviewed thoroughly. 

  • 02

    What training do leaders receive?

    • All Oval camp leaders must be first aid certified and have completed Safe Sport training including courses Making Ethical Decisions, Understanding the Rule of Two and Commit to Kids to become Oval employees. 
    • All Oval camp leaders complete the NCCP course Fundamental Movement Skills. 
    • All Oval camp leaders attend training to learn about safety policies and procedures, camp activities and procedures, sport instruction, and general camp conduct.  
    • NEW in 2024: all Oval camp leaders are invited to attend Autism Awareness Training conducted by the Canucks Autism Network. 
  • 03

    Are camp leaders able to use their cell phones during camp?

    • While leaders are not permitted to use their cell phone for personal reasons during worktime, leaders are asked to regularly use their cell phones for important messages and notifications pertaining to day camp operations.  
    • If you have any concerns about cell-phone use, camp administration welcomes feedback and inquires on this matter regularly.  
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    What does my child need to bring to camp?

    • This depends on the camp your child is registered in! A list of recommended items is included in your pre-camp email, sent the Thursday or Friday before camp begins. While every day camp is different, we encourage all campers to bring the following each day to camp:  
      • Water Bottle – hydration is key!  
      • Snacks – we have a morning and afternoon snack break.  
      • Packed lunch – non-microwavable  
      • Your child must wear closed-toe athletic shoes 
      • Sweater or jacket  
      • Comfortable, breathable clothing that is easy to move in 
      • Sunscreen  
      • Hat  
      • A change of clothes for youngsters is recommended in case of accidents

    NOTE: Due to the amount of physical activity, campers may eat more food during camp than they normally do throughout the school year. We recommend that you send lunches in an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack to keep them cool during the day. 

  • 02

    My child misplaced an item while at camp, is there a lost & found where I can retrieve the item?

    • There are facility-specific lost & found locations, as well as a lost & found at the Richmond Oval front desk.  
    • Any food or perishable items are disposed of immediately, while clothing or other non-perishable items are donated regularly. Please do not bring electronics or other valuable items to camp! Oval Camps is not responsible for anything that is lost or stolen. 
  • 03

    My child is in skateboarding camp. What equipment does my child need to participate?

    • Skateboard
    • Helmet 
    • Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards 
    • Close toed shoes 
  • 04

    My child is in a biking camp. What equipment does my child need to participate?

    • Bike 
    • Helmet 
    • Close toed shoes 
  • 05

    My child is in skating camp. What equipment does my child need to bring?

    • Please ensure your child has the following equipment:  
      • Long pants 
      • Sweater and jacket  
      • Gloves  
      • Socks  
      • Optional: Skates, knee pads, elbow pads, helmets 
    • Helmets and skates are provided at no additional cost. 
  • 06

    My child is in hockey camp. What equipment does my child need to participate in hockey camp?

    Your child needs to attend camp with FULL HOCKEY GEAR and hockey stick. 

  • 01

    How old must my child have to be to take part in Oval Camps?

    • Our Camps range from 4 YRS old to 15 YRS old.  
    • My child is 5 ½ years old; can they still register for camps designated for 6-year-olds and above?  
      • As the development difference between a 5 ½ year old and a 9 year old can vary drastically, we ask that you please email camps@richmondoval.ca for special permission to register into a camp outside of your child’s age bracket. Please include details about their experiences participating in other sport or extracurricular activities.  
  • 02

    My child falls into two age brackets. Which camp should we choose?

    You may register into the camp your child feels most comfortable participating in. Ultimately, it will be the parent’s decision on which age bracket the child will have the best time in 

  • 03

    My child has a physical or cognitive exceptionality and requires 1-on-1 support; can they attend camp?

    • Yes! Although, Oval Camps is not able to provide 1-on-1 support for participants at this time, support workers are more than welcome to attend with a participant who has an exceptionality! In all cases, advance notice is required, and in some cases bus capacity may be a limiting factor.  
    • We encourage parents/guardians to inform us ahead of time of participant exceptionalities and support worker attendance by emailing camps@richmondoval.ca. Information provided will allow us to educate our camp leaders, who in turn, modify programming to help ensure all participants are included.   
    • NEW in 2024: We are teaming up with the Canucks Autism Network to provide specialized multisport camps to individuals on the spectrum. Please click here for more information.  
  • 04

    Can I take pictures of my child during camp?

    • We understand you may wish to take pictures of your child’s participation in camp, however, for privacy reasons, please be mindful to focus your camera on your child alone, as not everyone is comfortable being part of other people’s family albums. You may be asked by camp leaders to kindly delete photos or videos that include other campers. Social media and streaming tools are not permitted at camp at any time. 
    • NOTE: Oval photographers may come to your child’s camp to take photographs for marketing and promotional purposes. Before doing so, our staff confirm which campers do/do not have photo consent which is completed by you at time of registration.  

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