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Coming Soon: DEKA™

The Richmond Olympic Oval is pleased to introduce our newest fitness offering launching soon: DEKA™.

What is DEKA?

Created by the founders of Spartan Races, DEKA offers world-class functional fitness events, training, and programming for all fitness levels. DEKA™ classes, events, and programs incorporate 10 DEKA Zones inspired by everyday movements like pushing, lifting, carrying, rowing, cycling, and climbing.

The 10 DEKA Zones are:

To learn more about the DEKA Zones, click here.

So, what does this mean for you?

Very soon, Oval members can try out FOUR new offerings, including classes, events, programs, and challenges!

DEKA Strength – Group Fitness Class

You may have already seen that DEKA Strength classes are available on the group fitness schedule. DEKA Strength incorporates functional movements and some of the DEKA Zones in a one-hour class consisting of two blocks of three rotating exercises, wrapping up with a one-minute burnout. DEKA Strength classes build strength, power, and endurance in a fun and supportive environment.

DEKA STRONG – Special Event

DEKA STRONG events consist of ten functional training zones. The best part? There’s no running! DEKA STRONG aims to test, gamify and celebrate your fitness. Anyone can take part in a DEKA STRONG event. Race as an individual, or grab a partner and enter the team division (or both).

DEKA DRY TRI – Member Challenge

Gather your friends and visit the Fitness Centre to participate in DEKA challenges. In teams of three (male, female, or co-ed), each teammate will row, ski, and bike for as many meters as possible for one minute. When the timer reaches the one-minute mark, teammates will swap machines. This process will repeat at each one-minute mark for nine rounds in total. An OVALfit judge will oversee each attempt and submit final scores. Click Here for more information about DEKA challenges.

DEKA™ Registered Program

Complete the classic DEKA Zone sequence in the wide-open space of the Oval’s activity level. DEKA programs work to improve your fitness over a defined period, with testing of your times compared from the beginning of the program to the end.

Look out for the official launch of each DEKA offering!