Donation Program

To make a request for a donation, please complete the form below. Due to the number of requests received, we are unable to respond to or fulfill all donation requests.  Preference will be given to Richmond-based, non-profit organizations. Those organizations that have had their request fulfilled will be contacted by email.


  • Requests must be received via the online donation request form
  • Requests are to be received at least 6 weeks prior to the event date
  • Preference be given to Richmond-based
    • Sport organizations
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Schools
    • Charities
  • Event/organization is located within a 30-minute commute from Richmond
  • Fundraising goals align with our core values

Monetary donations and/or sponsorships are not provided

Richmond Olympic Oval may decline donation requests that meet the above criteria.

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to complete the donation request form in full and wish you all the best in your fundraising goals.

Richmond Olympic Oval Community Giving Team


Donation Request Form

requests are required 6 weeks prior to the event

Additional Info

Additional documentation

All files must be in text, Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format. 5MB limit.