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Parking is expected to be busy on Saturday, June 15. Please review alternate parking options and allow extra time to arrive before activities.

Take on the DEKA™ Dry Tri Challenge!

Last week we introduced DEKA™, the Oval’s newest fitness offering arriving soon. So soon that today we are launching the very first DEKA™ challenge called the Dry Tri (short for dry triathlon).

Here’s how the challenge works: grab your friends and create a co-ed, male, or female team of three. Oval members can be a part of as many teams as they would like.

Next, select your official time to complete the Dry Tri Challenge by signing up at the Fitness Desk located at the third-floor entrance to the Fitness Centre.

Now you’re all set to take on the challenge!

Each teammate will choose to start on either the Ski Erg, Rower, or Air Bike. Each team member will give their best effort for 60 seconds on their respective machine. After one minute, teammates will rotate and continue for another 60 seconds on a new machine. This process will repeat for a total of nine minutes. After the challenge has been completed, the total distances on the Ski Erg and Rower will be divided by ten and added together with the total calories burned on the air bike to calculate the team’s total score.

For more information on the Dry Tri Challenge, watch a short informational video by clicking here.

Each attempt will be monitored by an OVALfit judge who will submit your final score. Oval members will have from June 19 to 30 to complete the Dry Tri challenge. Each member who participates in the Dry Tri Challenge will receive one additional guest pass and be entered into a draw to win a Fit Bit!