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Loyalty Program

You’ve Earned It

The Oval’s loyalty program allows members, with long-term memberships in good standing and with no cancellations, to pay less. Each tier represents a new achievement and is a symbol of your dedication to your health and fitness.

Your Membership Loyalty Program

To be eligible, members must hold an active Monthly Continuous membership.

Annual members who have been a member for 5 or more continuous years may opt to transfer into a Monthly Continuous loyalty rate. Your new monthly rate will be determined by your current membership type and length of membership term. New members as of January 2024 may earn loyalty in two categories:

  • 5-9 years Loyalty 5 to 9 Years
    • Child (5-12) $20/month
    • Youth (13-18) $39/month
    • Adults (19-64) $60/month
    • Senior (65+) $47/month
  • 10+ Years Loyalty 10+ Years
    • Youth (13-18) $37/month
    • Adults (19-64) $57/month
    • Senior (65+) $45/month

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