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Loyalty Program

Our gift to you

The Oval’s loyalty program allows members, with long-term memberships in good standing and with no cancellations, to pay less. Inspired by the lyrics of the Canadian national anthem, each tier represents a new achievement and is a symbol of your dedication to your health and fitness.

Your Membership Loyalty Program

To be eligible, members must hold an active Monthly Continuous membership.

Annual members who have been a member for 3 or more continuous years may opt to transfer into a Monthly Continuous loyalty rate. Your new monthly rate will be determined by your current membership type and length of membership term.

  • 3-5 Years Maple Leaf
    • Child (5-12) $22/month
    • Youth (13-18) $40/month
    • Adults (19-64) $62/month
    • Senior (65+) $49/month
  • 6-9 years Glowing Hearts
    • Child (5-12) $19/month
    • Youth (13-18) $37/month
    • Adults (19-64) $57/month
    • Senior (65+) $45/month
  • 10+ Years True North
    • Youth (13-18) $34/month
    • Adults (19-64) $54/month
    • Senior (65+) $43/month

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