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Fitness Consultation

We are here to help

Fitness should be enjoyable, but establishing a good fitness regime is often challenging, and sometimes frustrating enough to be a barrier to progress. We want our OVALfit community to have the knowledge and confidence to make regular exercise a celebrated part of life, and to continue to make positive healthy decisions. Richmond Oval offers a complimentary fitness consultation and information session with a certified fitness professional to anyone looking to take the next step – or the first step – towards a more active lifestyle. The fitness consultation is all about you. We discuss your fitness needs and goals and help you create an effective plan.

What to Expect

Discover the Oval’s many fitness services, and how they incorporate the most important aspects of fitness into your life – cardiovascular health, mobility and stability, strength, nutrition, and more.

Tour Our Fitness Mezzanine

Tour the spacious fitness mezzanine, featuring a continually updated collection of the industry’s top strength and cardio equipment, as well as the Olympic/Power Lifting area with Eleiko lifting platforms.

Discover our Equipment

Become acquainted with our variety of specialized and adaptive equipment such as:

  • Keiser® Dynamic Variable Resistance machines for power training
  • Skillrun treadmills with Sled Push and Parachute Run modes
  • Stages Flight™ Solo Indoor cycling bikes
  • Concept 2® Adaptive Rowing machine

Establish your Baseline

Receive a movement assessment, which will help identify muscular strengths and weaknesses, and prioritize areas to focus on for an overall balanced fitness program.

Set a Plan

Get help with a fitness ‘road map’ to start you towards your goal – whether you want to lose weight and feel stronger, train for a competitive athletic event, or anything in between!

Ready to get started?

Fill out the consultation form to meet with an OVALfit Team Member

Please note that trainer selection is subject to schedule and availability