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Stay Active for Life with the Forever Young 8K

Be Forever Young

On September 10, 2023, the Richmond Olympic Oval will become a hub of energy, enthusiasm, and healthy living as it hosts the 9th annual Forever Young 8K, a running event dedicated to celebrating the vitality and spirit of individuals aged 55 and above.

Embracing the Active Years

Age is merely a number, and the Forever Young 8K is poised to prove just that. This annual event showcases that life doesn’t slow down after a certain point; it keeps getting better. Seniors from across the country are set to lace up their running shoes and participate in the invigorating 8-kilometre run or walk. The race kicks off at the Richmond Olympic Oval and follows the beautiful views of the Fraser River, looping around the Terra Nova Park back to the Oval.

Fostering Connections

Beyond the physical aspects, the Forever Young 8K offers a unique opportunity to form lasting connections. It’s a chance to meet like-minded individuals who value active living and understand the importance of staying fit, both mentally and physically. The atmosphere exudes positivity and camaraderie, fostering an environment where friendships are formed, and stories are shared.

Making a Difference

All proceeds from the race go to our charity of choice: The Dream On Seniors Wish Foundation, which grants wishes for those who aren’t able to make their dreams come true on their own. Past wishes granted for seniors include attending a special event, meeting a life-long hero, and learning a special skill. We are so proud that our event makes it possible for a few more dreams to come true.

Have some Fun

Not only is the Forever Young 8K an exhilarating challenge, there’s lots of fun to be had before, during and after the race. The event begins with a warm-up set to the tunes of the 60s and 70s, followed by draw prizes, food, and celebration. The first-place finisher in each age category will receive a special pin and a bottle of BC wine, and all participants will receive a race t-shirt and pins to commemorate the day. 

Write Your Chapter

Registration is open for the Forever Young 8K on September 10, 2023. Whether you walk, jog, or run, the Forever Young 8K is a chance to create lasting memories, form connections, and inspire future generations. This event is a reminder that the pursuit of an active and fulfilling life is a journey with no finish line. 

Register Here for the 2023 Forever Young 8K