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Your Top Five Questions About The Fields Answered

The Fields at Richmond Olympic Oval are one step closer to opening officially!

The vibrant blue turf is now open to the public outside of programming hours while other areas of The Fields, including the three-half basketball courts and outdoor fitness area, are receiving their final touches.

To celebrate the availability of this new facility, we’re sharing answers to the top five questions we’ve received about the turf:

Q: Why is it blue?

A: We like to keep our facilities looking and feeling fresh and exciting. When selecting the colour of the turf, the goal was to keep the colouring consistent with the Richmond Olympic Oval brand and catch the eyes of passers-by. The turf system is a premier product called Vertex that gives a grass-like movement to sports equipment like soccer balls.

Q: Is there a full-sized soccer field?

A: The Fields feature two small-sided fields and a practice field. Small-sided games have fewer players, putting offence and defence in close proximity to each other. Less space means that athletes receive more touches with the ball, perform skills faster and need to make decisions quicker than during a full-sized game. Training on small-sided fields helps develop athletes’ skills and creates fun, fast-paced games.

Q: What sports can I play on the turf?

A: Turf is a versatile surface, making it suitable for many activities. The Fields can host training and drills in sports, including soccer, ultimate, softball and baseball, football, rugby, lacrosse and more.

Q: When is it available for me to use?

A: The turf is available for the public to use outside of programming hours. While times vary, evenings and weekends will typically see groups like Total Soccer Systems FC, Urban Rec and Fusion FC training on the turf. The Oval’s High Performance program also utilizes the space for sprint and conditioning training, and we expect to see our popular Summer Sport Camps on the turf all summer long.

Q: How do I book the turf?

A: The richmondoval.ca website has an entire page dedicated to The Fields, its amenities and support programs. Visit richmondoval.ca/the-fields and scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the rental inquiry form.

Bonus question: What’s coming next?

A: Three FIBA 3×3 regulation-sized half-courts will take shape on the asphalt slab at the west end of the facility. Additionally, located between the courts and the turf will be a dedicated outdoor fitness area featuring a rubberized surface and an outdoor modular fitness system called the Shred Shed. Members and guests can utilize the space outside of programming hours, and the Oval plans to host outdoor group fitness classes in the space.